Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Half Done....

It seems that I am perpetually half way there! With what? School, one final down, one to go. I have 100% in the class before the written exam, & I know that I missed one question; "what is simultaneous contrast?". I SWEAR that I don't remember EVER reading that terminology in the book, or even EVER HEARING it!!! I made something snappy up, but when I checked the book AFTER the exam, my desperate attempt at an answer wasn't so much close. **in case you are wondering... Simultaneous Contrast is when two complimentary colors are placed next to each other, intensifying each respective color, rather than mixed together which would neutralize the colors.** DUH! I should have guessed that. It does make perfect sense. ANYWAY...
My final project was to explore the concept of visual rhythm using one design, & 6 different color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, triad, complimentary, double-complimentary, & the tints, tones, & shades of one primary color). My design was a lamp. I had a ton of fun working on this project. I love mixing paint, creating colors, & putting them together in a composition.

Next final is on Friday. It'sfor textile sciences, open book, & no sweat!
Also half done is Chris' birthday gift, the fingerless gloves. I completed one glove on time for his actual birthday, last week. The second glove is actually about 3/4 of the way finished. I am also half way through a 2nd belated birthday gift for him, (for obvious reasons I cannot yet post a photo). I am really wanting to start a couple of other gifty items for various folks, but my elbows hurt so bad already from all of the painting & cutting, that I don't dare sit down & knit for a couple of days. It super sucks!


  1. Ah! but won't you always remember the answer to that question? that is the best part about "missing" something- you learn it better ;)
    almost there! can you believe you are in finals already???

  2. Beautiful orange glove! My guy would love that. :) That looks like the Cigar Glove pattern. I have one 3/4 done and another to go. Someday. Good luck with the other final.

  3. I love your projects fro school. They are amazing.

    And I am so impressed you even have time to knit in the middle of exams.

    Good luck on that last final!

  4. i'm so impressed with your final project -- the lamps are impressive.

    good luck with the final friday. doncha love open book?

  5. Just popping in to say I hope you're still alive and that you had a great Christmas!!

    You do amazing work!!!!!