Sunday, December 10, 2006

FIVE MORE days...

It is one A.M. & I am taking a little teeny tiny break from working on one of the two final projects that are due in less than 36 hours. EEEK note to self: do not boil things down to hours or fractions thereof. How about I say; two projects that are due monday afternoon. ahhh better. not really. wow i am rambling. punchy tired. HA HA

Project # 1: design a beach house in SoCal for a couple, of which one is a professional surfer. easy enough. yeah? sorta. there are a ton of restrictions, two tons of specifics that much be included. It's fun. it's just a ton of work, one floor plan and two elevations completly in color. and the truly scary thing... they must be freehand, absolutely no rulers or straight edges. and in 1/4" scale. aye carumba!
Project #2: it's AutoCAD & i am pretty much done. ahhhh
and THEN, a whopper of a final due on Friday. I do not even have the strength to describe that one.

But it's all good. By this time next friday I will be carefree & having as much fun as these people...


  1. those people seem to be having fabulous amounts of fun... and just remind yourself that you are close! hurray for you.

  2. Tammy,
    just stopping by to wish you a new year of peace, joy and love.