Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The Purple Rain Picture Show

So we went to the Parkway last night & saw Purple Rain. It was a sell out show. We got there an hour early in anticipation of the crowds. The couches were all full, so we sat in super comfy (IKEA) Poang chairs, drank beer, ate pizza, & knit while waiting for the movie to start. The movie was just as FABULOUS as it was 22 years ago. WTF??? Did I just say 22 years ago?!!! Holy Moly! I was in junior high, UGH. So anyway. It was cheesy fabulous! The crowd was cheering, singing along, waving hands in the air, bic lighters in tow, & reciting all of the best lines. I will admit that I was leading the crowd in cat calls, & song. Frank-N-Furter would have been proud! btw, I still get a teeny bit teary eyed when he dedicates Wendy & Lisa's song (Purple Rain) to his dying father. I am a sap. Man oh man, that Apollonia was a tramp.

And there was the knitting.... er, uh, the felting

On the way to the movie, I stopped by Kate's house & felted the long overdue slippers. Here are the before & after photos, & details;
  • Pattern: Fiber Trends- felted clogs by Beverly Galeskas, #ac-33x
  • Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted double stranded (bronze patina, seafoam, & spruce)
  • Needle: US #13
  • Pre-felt: 14" long x 6 1/2" wide
  • Post-felt: 11 1/4" long x 5" wide

They fit PERFECTLY! They came out nice & super fuzzy, love that 15% mohair!! I was very happy with the color effects! The soles are bronze patina & spruce, the foot is seafoam & spruce, the cuffs are just spruce. These are so fun to make (when you don't get side tracked by new sock knitting techniques), & they are so comfortable. I will be making a couple more pairs for gifts. There are some important people in my life who are in real need of pampering. And some comfortable slippers would be a good start.
At the movie theater I worked on the second red/white/blue/brown stripy sock, possibly the last pair that I will knit via dpn's . I am halfway through the gusset decreases, I should be done with it by Thursday at the latest, today if I have the time. I feel like I have cleaned out my "knitting house" of ufo's. Now I can not only concentrate on my magic loop socks, and habu lanterns, but I can start a couple of new projects with a clear conscience. ahhhhh


  1. Oh, the slippers look fuzzy soft. Nice!

    I'm going to pretend you didn't say that Purple Rain came out 22 years ago.

  2. Omigosh! Those are so freaking awesome! I love the fuzziness too! Those have to go on my list of felted things to make. I love them! Good job!

  3. mmm those slippers look so good! I don't think I could get myself out of them- can you imagine walking into the office with those on! YES!

    i love movie theaters like the one you discribed... There is a place in Portland like that and I have to go there when I visit- so fun.
    PS thanks for the amazing words on my post today- :)
    PPS I am SO jealous of that big ol bag o yarn you got I love the color...
    lukcy lukcy.

  4. wow those look great! makes me want to felt something now!

  5. These are fabulous. I wanna make some now.

  6. only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain! in your felted super awesome slippers! I am trying my first felting project soon. Just got the yarn, making a bag. Then I want to tackle the booga bag, then the slippers. Cozy toes are good in the cold!

  7. Sweet house slippahs!
    Eh, I will post those hot panties...and i got a pair for you if you want yer man up real good in them things...
    Uh..I will not be modeling them though...
    Hope we can get together soon

  8. they turned out lovely. I need to do felted slippers for everyone in the family as we just bought a house in North Dakota- coooollllddd winters...
    your secret pal