Thursday, February 2, 2006

Secret Project Revealed

Today is my pal Heidi's birthday. I swung by the ultra cool cafe where she works to deliver her gift. Yes, yet another pair of lace-up gauntlet fingerless gloves from AlterKnits, my third pair. When I made my first pair 5 months ago, she mentioned that she wanted a pair for xmas or her birthday.
Overall I was pleased with the final product. The original pattern is 6 eyelets long, they look SO DAMN pretty running all the way up your arm. BUT, in my experience wearing them I have found them to be a little too long for daily wear. With the silk ribbon lacing they just seem to get in the way, too bulky with sweaters & coats. So I shortened these to 4 eyelets long. I also found that the original pattern doesn't taper in enough at the wrist for my liking. I have little skinny wimpy wrists, so I went down a needle size (US7) when I reached the wrist. I love the red & blue manos, though I wasn't wild about the ribbon choices I had. I originally envisioned using chocolate brown silk ribbon. But with the blue cuff, and the red glove, the brown was too much somehow. The white ribbon was a little too bicentennial. There was also green, gold, black, and I think maybe pink. It was that blue cuff that kept throwing it off. The red ribbon was not ideal, but it works. I'm guessing that I will be on the lookout for different ribbon for awhile.

And here is Heidi modeling her gift. I didn't realize how "Wonder Woman-y" they looked until she rocked that pose. Now I am really glad that I skipped that white ribbon. I love how the card on the flowers titles the photo! (the flowers were from her boss, Julie)
Can anyone see the one major mistake that I made? The gloves don't exactly match.


  1. Great pose! Hmm, yet another thing to add to my to knit list...

  2. Wow, small world. Is Julie's Tea Julie Freitag? I worked for her hubby Eric at the Bison Brewery in the 90's. I think she was a tea maven at the time? That was a lifetime ago! Cool gloves, need a invite to the Oscars!

  3. They look great! Good job. Sorry I missed you yesterday.

  4. What a lucky friend! those came out great. I have to make a few wristwarmers for a few pals who have been attempting to rob me of mine...

    Thanks for the nice post over on my blog, question: do you save the messages you get with your tea? My collection is almost as big as my fortune collection... Love that I am not the only one, too~

  5. Those are great!! Come back to my blog to see a tattoo picture. I know you can't resist. LOL

  6. I love them! You are a knitting machine, woman. Hope you are feeling better and I can't wait to see you!