Thursday, March 2, 2006

AlterKnits Has Landed!!

Remember me? Yes. I am still around. My arms were acting up for a quite awhile. Then they were on the mend, & feeling better. THEN I slipped off of the folding step stool while hanging up items from the AlterKnits trunk show. Using a long pole with a hook on the end, we hang the garments up almost ceiling high. As the stool collapsed while I was standing on it I began to fall back, so I grabbed the handle of the stool, it kept falling, bending my wrist backwards. Were talking the back of my hand flat to my arm. ummmm, OUCH! Within the hour my wrist and elbow was swollen. So I continue knitting not very much at all. I am "typing" this post via voice activated software.
But most importantly... Leigh Radford will be at the shop on Saturday & Sunday. She is teaching two different workshops, one on Shibori, & the other is called AlterKnits workshop. She is also signing books for a period of time. Our Staff will be taking her out to dinner while she is here.
I have about a dozen of the lanterns finished. We strung them in our front window, where more of the AlterKnits show is located. I am going to try to get a couple done per day to add onto the display. I promise a photo once the display is complete. I cannot wait to make a set for my house. I think I want to make a couple of large sized lanterns to fit over standard sized lightbulbs. OOOH, also we have advanced copies of Leigh's new book "One Skein", it's a great book. You can call & order it from our shop

In other news, my dear friend and coworker, Kate shares my constant need to obtain more & more containers that just might be the ultimate organizational system for knitting supplies. She gifted me this cool GREEN fishing tackle box thingy. It has two sides that open.

So I transferred all of my stitch markers into one side. And some of my point protectors, & cable needles into the flipside. Then I have my cool aqua colored travel pill container that I keep in my knitting bag.

The problem is, my stitch counters are too wide/tall to fit. So I left them in the "old" box, the clear one.

Is everyone thoroughly bored hearing all about my obsession with organization? I promise to talk more about the actual knitting, once I am able to actually knit. : )

Some of you have already seen this silly photo of me from my corset fitting. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding. One of my oldest friends, since freshman year of college, who is a hard core Goth chick, wants her bridesmaids to wear custom fitted corsets, in red silk duchess. Not my style, but it's her wedding & I would wear a potato sack if she asked. I will go ahead and answer the question that everyone else has asked. It was shockingly comfortable to wear, even while seated. And it pretty much forces you to have perfect posture. The woman fitting me said "WOW, you have a very compressible body!" wtf does THAT mean?! She went to say that basically I have a good body for corseting. Again, wtf?! I choose to take it as a positive thing.

It turned out that a friend of mine owns this book. She loaned it to me. I read the first few pages of the introduction & I was hooked. I highly reccomend this book. And Yahaira... If you are knitting harem pants for Amy, I want a pair too. he he ; )


  1. Aiyiyi. That accident sounds painful. Take care of yourself!

  2. aye!! take care of those arms! I hope you're feeling better.

    I'm in love with your little green tackle box, I must find one now. And how fun to take leigh radford out to dinner!

  3. I love how the tackle and pill boxes and contents look in your photos!

    Be careful! No more injuries. Have fun at the trunk show...

  4. WOW, you have a very compressible body!

    OMG! Niiiiiiice!

  5. The corset looks great on you!!!

  6. If you could hear me, I am giving ya a guy-in-a-contsruction-site whistle for that corset photo! Nice tats. Get well, the blogisphere isn't the same without ya! And enjoy knitting adventures w/o knitting (trunk show and diner) and get them appendages healed.

  7. Wow! The corset is very vavoom! Very dark gardens.

    You have a great blog and exceptional tattoos to boot.

    Rock on Alameda!

  8. Oh TAMMY! that sounds like it hurt hurt hurt when you fell. I hope you are feelin better.
    I would love to see those lanterns in real life.

    Lovin the fancy digs! tweeet-twwooo

  9. hey hottie pants, I'm so sorry you are feeling injured and lousy. That is beyond crappy.
    I love those pill boxes! I could totally use them for my jewelry stuff as well. I'm coming by the shop tomorrow for the book signing. And we need to have a sit down chat about tattoo related issues....

  10. Im sorry about your accident, just glad it wasnt a whole lot worse!!

    I love peoples comments, my obgyn told me that I have a "proven pelvis" WTF does that mean? LOL

  11. It was rigoddamndiculously good to see you today. We need to get out and have some fun times pronto.

  12. what voice recognition software do you use??

  13. As a "recovering goth" I would definitely love to see pictures of this wedding when it happens. The corset looks awesome - its definitely way better than an ugly glaring bridesmaid dress- and at least you could wear it again. Besides.. it DOES look hot!!
    Your tattoos are awesome.. one of these days I'm getting a sparrow tattoo when I figure out where to put it.

  14. Just catching up on your blog, I get lazy and don't read all my blogs until my blog lines is busting! And I had a huge number next to your name, which means I had read your recent entries! You've been a blogging machine, girl.

    Anyway, the second hand sweater idea is cool. I look forward to seeing what you do there. Intrigued am I. Also, that little tackle box is just an awesome idea! I'll have to remember to pick on of those up when I'm state side. No idea where in France to find a tackle box or go about asking for one or whatever the word is? The French will look at my like "what is this American asking me", let's avoid that. :) Your fingerless mitts are great! here's an idea for you, Debbie Bliss alpaca silk felts like a dream and stays super soft! My friend knit a pair in just a basic rib casting on about 45 sts and then felt that baby and it fits her wrist perfectly! No gaps!