Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Secret Pal... the Reveal

Check it out...

As it turns out, my secret pal hand dyes and spins yarns. She is obviously very talented! Now the pressure is on for me create something worthy of all this unique yarn.

After a long and stressful day, a package on the porch was just what I needed. It was a slightly heavy box, ooooh, even more exciting. Five skeins of handspun/dyed yarn, two Cat Bordhi books, a couple of lace cowl patterns, and candy candy candy! This was my first time participating in a secret pal exchange. It has been wonderful, & I look forward to the next round.

My three favorite skeins are pictured individually below. Debra, please feel free to share more accurate descriptions, and fiber contents of each of them here. One of the non pictured skeins is spun very tightly, resulting in a springy corkscrew, I am very curious about this one, what to do with this type of yarn. I am anxious to knit with it.

This one has "locks" of bright green, one of my favorites.

This one reminds me of colorful cocoons, like mini cones of cotton candy.

This one has puffs of hot shiny pink randomly spun into it.

Rosco checks the box to make sure that I didn't forget anything. He is so darn helpful.

The End

Rosco's end that is.

Stay tuned in...Tomorrow I will share photos of what I have been working on the last few days, my first knitting in almost a month. Also... New yarn porn.


  1. ahhh geee thanks... glad you liked it.. the green slub is mohair. the pink slub is angelina. the cocoon type slubs were from batts that had wool, silk, mohair and angelina in it if I remember correctly. It was nice being your secret pal.. You inspired me and I will keep checking out your blog

  2. What a great secret pal!! Very cool.

    Bye, Roscoe!

  3. wow! What a talented Pal you have! That is some incredible yarn! I can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it will inspired! Hope your arms are doing better, glad to see ya back to bloggin, and knittin too, good luck.

  4. What a great secret pal, the yarn looks almost like Ozark Handspun. Very very cool! I also love the Cat Bordhi books. My fav is socks on circulars. Love your fingerless gloves by the way, I really think you should make some that have flames like your tattoo's. ;)

  5. Love your stuff, it's brilliant. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you're feeling well soon!