Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Name That Hedgehog!

Kate makes these a-DOR-able hedgehogs (a fiber trends pattern). She even taught the class at Article Pract. On Sunday, one of my sadder days, she surprised me with this little cutie, a cheer up hedgehog. He doesn't have eyes or stuffing yet, but I love him. He even matches my living room. Here's the deal... I need a male name that begins with "H". He has to be a boy because I am replacing a boy in my life right now. i.e. Harold the Hedgehog, or Hank the Hedgehog... But not either one of those names. Something unique.

Yep.... Boring I know, more lace-up fingerless gloves. I taught that class at the shop this month. People just love those things. These goth-y ones are for my dear friend Irene. You know, the one that made me wear that red silk corset for her wedding! ; )hehe.

More hats... YAY! I do love hats. And I do love felting. So it makes perfect sense that I would love felting hats.
The grey/blue/red fedora style is a "just because' hat. Just because I liked the colors together a lot. The upper blue band is too thick. I was watching project runway while knitting and wasn't paying attention. I am thinking I might sew random buttons, or cut slits and thread a ribbon through to break it up a little. Or maybe nothing at all. I did discover that not only is a terra cotta pot the perfect size and shape for this style hat, BUT the terra cotta sucks moisture out of the hat, speeding up drying time. WOW, I know!
Kate models the pre-felt hat, while Niko models his own jaunty cap

Before Felt
The Elmer Fudd hat is a sample for my second job. Yes my second job is at another yarn shop. Jealous? I have been wanting to make one of these for so long now! The yarn is Rowan /Harris tweed aran... Ok, in my old age I am loosing things... When I find the label I will give you the exact yarn name & color number.
After Felt
The pattern is for 3 adult and 3 children sizes. There are only three sets/sizes of numbers. You use worsted weight for the kids sizes, and bulky for the adult. I made the smallest size with doubled aran weight and it is insanely thick and heavy, and a little too big as well. Fortunately it is a shop sample and no one has to wear the two ton thing. I will make one for myself using single strand and making the medium or large size. The pattern is # AC-16, from Fiber Trends, called "Felt Winter Caps" by Bev Galeskas.


  1. How about my favorite H name...Henry?

    I love the hedgehog! Does Article Pract carry the pattern? I found it online, but I'd rather buy it locally. My mom collects hedgehogs (don't ask) and I'd love to make one for her.

    Just curious...where else are you working? I heard this morning that Yarn! in Alameda might be closing (or changing hands). First Skein Lane, now Yarn!...what's happening to our local stores?

  2. good names! I love Hamish, but Herman is SOOOO in the lead. Betsy- AP does carry the hedgehog pattern. And...
    I am working at Yarn! in Alameda. Hopefully the shop will just be changing hands, that is the plan.

  3. Hedwig! I love the grey/red/blue hat, and I think a ribbon on the thicker blue line would be adorable. THANKS for the drying over terra-cotta pot tip - awesome! I had one of those, "hey! why didn't I think of that!" moments.

  4. Ok, I've got it. Hieronymous the Hedgie.

  5. Yes, Hedwig! I almost cried when Alison got kicked auf! Cute hats, and super cute new boy toy!

  6. Here are my favorites:



    and Josè

    LOVE the felted hats!!

  7. Hieronymus Hedgepig

  8. great hats! i love the fedora especially. very fun.

  9. K-
    Gotta start with baby pub hat! Where did you or the parents get that? Gawd thats too much!
    As for the gloves, mindless but lovely!! And the hedgehoge, how about Hanzi, aka Hanz, or Hathor? Yes I know a stretch! German to Egyptian...
    And the hats is great...the unfelted one would be fantastic with my dreads
    Have a great week

  10. Those are some great gloves! Very nice!

  11. How clever you are to block your hat on a flower pot! I'm so glad you are back blogging.

    How's tricks cutie?

  12. All those other names are cute, but boring. How about naming him
    Howdy Hedgehog?

  13. welcome back!
    i missed you!
    can we come over and see you soon?