Monday, January 10, 2011

1300 Things: Week 2

 1300 Things To Be Grateful For: Week 2

26.  Houndstooth prints.
27.  Fresh Mint leaves.
28.  Central heating.
29.  Beautifully maintained hardwood floors.
30.  My super girly pink, yellow & orange bedroom.
31.  My collection of cat whiskers. (Weird? Maybe. Pretty? For sure.)
read all about it
32.  Ironing. (Yes, I love to iron.)
33.  The word “tchotchke”.
34.  Long hot showers.
35.  Casting off a knitting project. (One that has otherwise been finished since August) 
36.  Typography.
37.  Having my own washer & dryer. (Specifically not having to deal with the lint & gummy detergent goo of total strangers.)
38.  Discovering really amazing chocolate

39.  Sunsets & free moments to enjoy the view.
40.  Hand knit wool socks.
41.  Canoodling on the couch w/ my hunky man.
42.  Red Velvet Cake lip-gloss.
43.  Having my grandmother’s vintage button stash.
44.   Having thick naturally curly hair (despite my lifelong complaints & wishing for straight hair).
45.  The cast of Glee awesomely mashing up one of my all time favorite musicals “Singing in The Rain”. (Yes. I really do love musicals & have since I was a kid!)
46.   Living so close to an IKEA that I could go everyday… if I wanted to.
47.  My iPhone. 
48.  Circular knitting needles. (Nickel plated Addi Turbos are my favorite.)
49.  Having subscriptions to lots of MAGAZINES!
50.  Having coffee & breakfast made for me while I write this post! 

What are YOU grateful for today, yesterday, or right this very moment? 


  1. You have a ton to be thankful for! Today I am thankful for a bright and sunny day, a completely quiet house (sans toddler), and ham & cheese sammiches.

  2. We go tot he same IKEA! I wonder how many times we've been together and didn't know it... ;)

  3. Wait wait wait.

    Red velvet cake lip gloss!? Where do I sign up for this?

  4. Great list! I used to have a cat whisker collection and I wish I had perfect hardwood, but the dog's nails are taking over!

  5. Interesting on the cat whisker collection...never heard anyone do that before. Today I'm thankful for:
    *cooking supper last night so it just needed warming when I got home
    *heaters under the desk
    *two tv sets
    *clean towels

  6. I am thankful for people who make me smile :) and for people who make me blog!!

  7. Today? I'm thankful for

    -My ability to knit (because it still amazes me I can do it
    -PIXAR! for making the world's greatest movies!
    -gorgeous yarn
    -great friends :D


  8. Current I'm really into my flannel sheets and delicious old cheddar cheese. Oh, and Heavenly Hash ice cream.

    Cat whiskers - that's a different one!

  9. Eek, I totally just squealed, I thought *I* was the only one cat crazy enough to collect whiskers! Each whisker I find is like a prize! My Daisy has one white whisker, it is my goal in life to find it. Seriously, my life will be empty until I find that white whisker. :D