Monday, January 31, 2011

1300 Things: Week 5

1300 Things To Be Grateful For: Week 5
101.    This pom-pom-tastic crafty idea:
102.    The word “chartreuse”.
103.    The color chartreuse.
104.    Scalp massages.
105.    Finally crossing that one thing off of my to-do list.
106.    Silk dupioni curtains in a rich chocolate brown.
107.    Writing with teeny pencils.
108.    Glue guns. (even if I do complain about how crappy mine is).
109.    The architecture of Downtown Oakland.
110.    My autographed copies of Ysolda Teague’s first two books.
111.    These dryer cloths!!! They are meant for baby’s laundry but the scent [rice milk + mallow] was MADE for ME. I am seriously addicted to this scent.
112.    Making paper garland.
113.    Feather down pillows.
114.    Baby bok choy
115.    Earl Grey tea steeped in steamed vanilla almond milk.
116.    Being invited to sit in for a friend at a BNI meeting.
117.    The first big arms-over-my-head & wiggle my butt stretch of the morning.
118.    Tom’s of Maine Fennel toothpaste.
119.    Lime bubbly water w/ a hearty splash of blackberry juice.
120.    French Lilac perfume.
121.    Living alone.  Sharing a home w/ Rosco. 
122.    Silly Sunglasses & Funny Friends to share them with.
Audrey & Me Spring 2010
123.    Fresh ginger. 
124.  A clean stove top.   
125.   Truly amazing friends who blow my mind & send me stuff in the mail when I least expect it! (& when I most need the cheering-up that comes with a surprise package) 

What were YOU grateful for this past week, yesterday, today, or this very moment?

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