Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Latest Yarn Crush & What An OUCHIE BLAH Day...

I am in lust with this yarn right now... It is Mondial Genius, I have 360 yards of it, & I have no idea what I am going to use it for. I just love the way it looks sitting in it's little happy ball on my bamboo knitting platter, next to my knitting chair. I just really like to look at it, occasionally petting it. Heavy petting with yarn... Am I a sicko?

As part of my long and tortuous ongoing attempt to correct all the screwed up damage that my body has suffered as a result of this injury, I have been working with a kinesiologist . Let's call him, Mr. Pain. Yesterday Mr. Pain & I had an extra long session, we had several breakthrough moments where I was able to do exercises/stretches that I could not dream of a month ago. Yesterday I came home with a grumpy thigh muscle. This morning I woke up to a very ANGRY back. I spoke to Mr. Pain this morning, he said it was okay for me to go on my daily walk.

My new friend, Heidi & I have been taking walks around town, we live in a really cute/cool town!. It's a lot of fun, getting to know a cool new person while just chatting & strolling. Thanks for walkin & talkin Heidi!

I also met with my trainer, Franklin, at the a gym. Franklin ROCKS, he loves his job, cares about his clients, and knows just how far to push you without actually injuring you!! Chris has been working with him too, and has lost about 35-40 lbs since January... Men suck! Franklin measured my BMI (body mass index)... UGH!! The good news is that, in roughly 8 days since I saw my doctor for an annual chick check up, I have lost 5 pounds without really trying (those walks around town??). The not so hot news is that my BMI is wayyyy not so good. But more good news is that now I have a goal.

Chrissy had his first real official day of school yesterday. He came home in a good mood, we had a nice dinner, then he disappeared into his office & studied for the rest of the night. I cannot wait til I start school!! :)

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  1. Good luck with the getting into shape stuff. I, too, am working that way. My goal is an hour six days a week at the gym. I am doing pretty strictly cardio stuff right now.

    I had lost 65 pounds on WW and after major surgery have gained ALMOST all of it back. But, hey - I did it once, I can do it again! RIGHT?!