Friday, August 19, 2005

Socks, School, & Being An Old Broad!

I will start with knitting talk, and get that out of the way. Not that knitting is something I want to get out of the way, quite the contrary!
Last Sunday, not yesterday last Sunday, but the week before…
I took my first of a three-session sock class. In that first class we basically cast on, knit the ribbed cuff, & started working down the sock. There are 3 other students besides me, one of them had to also learn how to use DPN's, not an easy feat. We were going to learn how to turn the heel in this week’s class, i.e. yesterday. But being the brave little newbie knitter that I am,

I couldn’t wait. I turned the heel on my own sometime early last week.
And can I just say…. What’s the big whoop about turning the heel? The way people talk about it; I was expecting to sweat bullets of frustration & pain trying to “turn the fricking heel”! I was actually a little disappointed that it was not a challenge. But it WAS very very exciting to watch this heel shape itself! Short Row shaping, I Love You!!! Now I am not as scared to try intarsia!
So yesterday in class, I was quite a bit ahead, and was able to start shaping the gusset (very boring after making a heel), and WORKING TOWARDS THAT TOE! I felt a little like a schmuck, it took the entire 2 -hour class & then some for everyone else to turn the heel. The shop owner was teasing me that I don’t even need to attend the 3rd class. I am very proud that this whole knitting thing is something that just seems to have come naturally to me.

It’s official! I’m going to GET MY LEARN ON! On Friday I went and registered for my classes, though school does not actually start until October. I do admit that I was a bit nervous about meeting my classmates for the first time. As I had suspected, the majority of them were fresh out of high school, and looked an awful lot like they had just come from a Mary Kate and Ashley convention. There was a large contingency of girls that looked like they were in a uniform:
*Very straight and long blond hair, some with highlights, and some with black streaks.
*Skintight jeans, worn very very low on the hips (or lack thereof), with a super flared bootleg
*Super high-heeled boots with very pointy toe
*And they each wore a blazer. Now to be perfectly fair the blazers were all a little bit different from one another. Most of the them were pink, but some were striped, some were floral, some corduroy, some denim.
*Oh, I almost forgot... part of this uniform were oversized jangly dangly brassy earrings. Truth be told, I was expecting a bit more from future design school students. Especially the Fashion Design students.
Maybe it's just me.... I'm just OLD!!! :) But I am more than comfortable with my slightly chubby, funky glasses wearing, tattooed self! I don't think at any age I ever blended into the crowd. I have always marched to my own beat!!

I’m very excited about my first quarter classes! I will be taking survey of Western Art I, Textile Science for Fashion Design I, Fashion Sketching I, something called Success Seminar (it’s a the workshop type class that every student is required to take during their first quarter. It’s to help you analyze your study habits, balance school, work, social life. And ultimately, to help you be a better student. All and all, it’s a good idea for both the young fresh out of high school kiddies, and the old broads like me who have been out of school fifteen years.)
And the class I’m most looking forward to, Color and Design Theory. Doesn’t that just sound like fun?!


  1. Whoo Hoo...rock one sister! Please don't become a Barbie Clone!!! Fashion needs individuality, something you can definitely bring to the table!!! I can't wait to hear the trials and tribulations of freshman year? Oh..did I tell you I attended the Fashion Institute of Techonology in NYC? Oh yeah...I'm the proud owner of a Marketing/Interior Design degree from there! I lived with four fashion design majors...goddess!

  2. I cant wait to hear about this color and design theory class, you are going to rock it for sure.

  3. Sounds exciting! And I know what you mean about the teeny boppers and their uniforms - our semester just started here and I can't get over the way some of these kids are dressing. I wouldn't have been allowed out of the house wearing so little clothing at that age! =)

  4. Yay! You are going to blow them all away in those classes. Good work on the SOCK!

  5. i like ur sock.... can u make me 1......holla back;)