Wednesday, November 9, 2005

ACTUAL knitting news!!!

WHAT in the hell is she sitting on?!! Is she really just hovering there? How uncomfortable, not to mention unnecessary. And doesn't he know that pipe smoking will stunt his growth?! How old is that guy anyway?!

ANYWAY... I am feeling mostly better... I think! I went to the gym today & nearly fell over. I kept getting dizzy & loosing my balance, & then my trainer sent me home. How pathetic! UGH
But the good news is that I am getting a lot of knitting done. In addition to working on the latest secret shop project, I have finished another sample for the shop. It's called Kid Slique from Prism Yarns, it's a strand of mohair & a shiny goldy strand of nylon/rayon. I didn't think I'd like it at all. I thought it would be a pain in the patootie to work with. It was a dream. So easy to work with, & it looks soooo pretty!
I started another sample for the shop, Rowan Spray & I don't understand why it's $16.75 a ball for a wool/acrylic blend yarn. And the bigger question is WHY is Rowan even doing a wool/acrylic yarn?! AND it even FEELS like cheap acrylic yarn!! You can feel the "spray paint" on the spongy yarn. Has anyone else come across this new Rowan yarn? Is it just me? And then I have finished a couple of projects that have been lingering at the bottom of my knitting basket for a very very long time. Remember the rust colored leaf stitch scarf? Think really far back... Yeah, I finished that one. Forgive the WIP photo. It looks just like that, but well... Finished. It's SUPER long, when I put it around my neck the ends hit way below my knee! Maybe I will snap a photo later.
And then I finally finished the worlds most boring project, the laptop bag. I have to seam it & felt it. It's sooooo HUGE! I swear I could have wrapped it around me as a skirt.
And I have been working on the Bubbles scarf. OH MY GOD! Talk about pain in the butt yarns!!! I just want to scream, I HATE knitting with this stuff! But I LOVE the way it looks! And these colors are so amazing together. It's so soft, and wow, I just cannot wait to wear this one!


  1. Im glad that you are feeling better and getting some knitting done. Hows school going?

    Thumbs down on the Rowan Spray. I just remember that stupid urban book they came out with ugh

  2. Hey Tammy,
    Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you're able to do some knitting.
    We miss you at the Wednesday night group! Hope things are good with you.

  3. You are getting lots done. Too bad it takes feeling bad to get there. I'm glad you are getting better. Your projects are great. I love the leafy scarf.

  4. I just read this and your previous posts- glad you are feeling better. I had the same thing 3 x's since Feb of this year! I DO have asthma, and my colds always turn into bronchitis every damn time. It sounds to me like you had the b-word too. Hacking cough, especially at night and whenever you talk? I had to take prednisone (steriods), codeine cough syrup and my asthma meds. Try taking some Aleve or Ibuprofen for the inflammation, it helps take the edge off of the cough and scratchy throat. Sorry for the long post, happy knitting!

  5. I hope you are feeling better.

    You have been vary productive! Sick stinks but sometimes it makes us take a little time off.

    Hope school is going well!

  6. oh my gawd the pattern photo is too funny! what the hell is that guy sitting on?

    i love that leaf scarf. i might need to bug you for the pattern.

    glad you're feeling better!