Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm still Alive!!

And YES, I am still knitting. School is plugging along. Finals are coming up, last day of school is the 16th. I don't think I like the quarter system. It's gone by WAYYYY too fast. I have learned a lot, but I wonder how much more I could have gotten out of it had there been more time. Right now I should be working on one of two projects that are due tomorrow, but I just don't feel like it!! Ugh
I finished the Chunky Print hat, it took me two & half episodes of Law & Order:SVU. It's too big, too loose. I have a big melon, so I usually have to up the size of hats for myself, usually just using a bigger needle. There was no pattern, I guesstimated a gauge & knit it up.... I was way off. Why didn't I try it on half way through, you may be asking? Because Law & Order + knitting transports me into another dimension where I am apparently just plain dense! I am debating felting it, or just ripping it out & starting over. What do you guys think? If I don't do SOMEthing sooner than later.... It will just wind up tossed in a corner & forgotten about, & it's much too cute for that!

I brought more yummy yarns home from work. This getting paid in store credit for knitting samples is genius! I really don't feel like I am spending any money! Can you see my sick obsession with tweed is still festering?! The watery-bluey-greeney Yorkshire Tweed Aran that I made the last kitty hat with went on sale, & there were only 2 balls left... I HAD to bring it home! & the Yorkshire Tweed dk in that specific green was the last one, HAD to bring it home too! No immediate plans for the blue tweed, the green dk I am thinking a small neck tie, cravat type of thing, maybe with a simple cable, or leafy design.

And then there is the Blue Sky Bulky... MMMMMMMMM! This stuff is so ridiculously soft, & the colors are spot on PERFECT!!! These guys have already begun the journey to their new life as a scarf knit lengthwise. It will be the worlds bestest scarf; blue+brown+creamy white+super soft+ super stripey+super warm!!!
Other Knit News... 3/4 of the way done w/ secret shop project. I actually did an entire shop sample & forgot to snap a picture. Two ther shop samples in the wings. & a few secret gifty things are brewing!


  1. wait--i think we're soul mates. knitting and watching law and order is my Favorite Activity.

  2. so glad your still alive and well! I like the cutey hat and I definitely don't blame you for bringing home all that tweedy-goodness!! there are so many advantages to working at your LYS. . .

  3. I LOVE the hat. I don't know about the sizing thing - maybe just frog and redo. I know I've told you before - but I LOVE those colors.

    I love knitting while watching TV - except Lost. I can't knit and watch Lost.


  4. I'm sitting on some skeins of Rowan tweed in this yummy turquoise color I picked up a month ago during some sales. I just don't know what to do with it? I'm interested in your cravate idea? is this something you'll design? Do fill us clueless ones in? So, I think this is the first time I've visited your blog. Funny because I look at your flicker probably every time I log on and it didn't dawn on my that you had a blog? But you do and it's great! You're a design student, way cool. What school? Anyway, that hat is really cute and it would be ashame that it was tossed away in the corner. It looked good with the needles on top, how did it get to be too big? And getting paid in store credit for knitting samples is genius. ;-)

  5. knitting samples and getting paid in it! can i sign up? maybe when i get to be a knitting goddess like you ;-) the hat's cute. if it doesn't fit and you don't want to rip then how about trading it in as a sample for some more tweed? btw, i love tweed yarns, they just don't fit into my budget :-(

  6. Good luck with your finals.

    You certainly scored on the yarn! I must try the blue sky sometime soon.

  7. The hat looks great Tammy and I think that the needles sticking out of the top are an "added touch" *grin*