Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sick at The Carnival

I was honored to have been chosen, and quoted for the Sixth Carnival of Knitting. The topic was knitting & pets, and as you all know, I have plenty to share on that topic. Although the photo below is not related to the story submitted, it is from my very favorite series of Rosco & "The Knitting" photos.

Well, I really was feeling better on Tuesday afternoon. Or I thought that I was. I went to the focus group. It was fine. It was actually a lot of fun! God knows I love to give my opinion on things that I love. We rated tons of yarns in a "blind taste test", answered questions about ourselves, & evaluated pattern books. No one but our group showed up, so it was like having a tupperware party. As for the free yarn, we were given color cards for 5 or 6 different yarns to choose from. I chose this one, I don't remember which color, probably green or brown. The yarn will be mailed to us, & I THINK that we will be receiving an entire bag.
Towards the end of the meeting I started feeling horrible!! When I got home I was running a fever of 102, and couldn't stop shaking with the chills. I haven't even felt like knitting. YES! It's been THAT bad. Today, the fever has broken, I have slightly more energy, but I still feel like crap! Thanks to all who have sent well wishes! I have been sleeping, drinking a ton of fluids, & taking it easy. Today, I will knit!


  1. feel better! If the thought of a whole bag of cashmere blend yarn doesn't cure you I don't know what will. :)

  2. Sending more healing thoughts your way!

    Heh, I love cats'n'knitting pictures (well, obviously, look at my blog). Great photo!

    That looks like a very yummy yarn. How does one get on a yarn focus group anyway?! I want that job.

  3. I hope that you will be feeling better soon!

  4. i'm gald you're feeling better tammy. i hope it doesn't linger too long. i too would like to know how to get involved with a yarn focus group.

    btw, i got your post re: my email address. i just assumed our email addresses were part of our blogger profiles. i'm sure you know the saying about assuming. my email address is

    hope to see you soon at the shop.

  5. I wish that I was feeling better just so that I could go to the grocery store and get that cereal with Johnny Depp on the box.. I can't resist how odd and disturbing that is. I guess this means they're planning on releasing the second movie soon.. since they're pulling out all the merchandise.

  6. Dude, I am sick again, too! Though not with the fever, etc that you have. The roof of my mouth hurts, and it hurts to swallow- ACK! Get better soon!

    P.S. found your blog from your flickr site. I really like it, even might inspire me to learn how to knit. Cheers, Jules