Monday, February 7, 2011

1300 Things: Week 6

126.    My Alligator shower mat that keeps me from slipping in the shower.
127.    Being early for an appointment & sitting in a sunny warm car.
128.    My yellow cashmere cardigan that is so old it’s falling apart.
129.    Really old t-shirts that are even softer than cashmere.
130.    German Chocolate ice cream.
131.    A complete reorganization of my kitchen counters for more efficiency.
132.    This wool blanket:
133.    Almond Butter & crackers.
134.    Unseasonably 70F weather in February.
135.    Finding a perfectly ripe avocado when I plan to use it that day. (not super bowl related)
136.    Being barefoot.
137.    Striking up an amazing conversation w/ a total stranger. (People CAN be awesome.)
138.    Stuff with polka dots
139.    The cute little way that way ducks shake their tail feathers. .


140.    Having all of the windows in the house open. 
141.    Ginger peach black tea with vanilla almond milk.
142.    Really strong garlic dishes. (kiss kiss)
143.    Taking that bag to Goodwill that has been waiting to go for 6 months.
144.    Lists.
145.    The way Rosco smacks his lips after eating. (out of control cute)
146.    Red thread sewn into black felt. 
147.    Green glass.
148.    A ladybug landing on my hand.
149.    Rosco learning how to use the toilet. (Ok, this one is just a fantasy that I am grateful/hopeful for).
150.    This Dreamy song:

What were YOU grateful for this past week, yesterday, today, or this very moment?

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