Monday, February 21, 2011

1300 Things: Week 8

176.    Car trips with a beloved friend.
177.    Finally seeing the surface of my studio table.
178.    The big yellow ball in the sky (especially when it’s been hiding for a week).
179.    A freshly mopped kitchen floor.
180.    Having a lazy day & not judging myself for it.
181.    Smiles.
182.    This awesome photo of my latest TV crush, Jack McBrayer (Kenneth of 30 Rock).
183.    Meeting internet friends & loving them as much in person as I do online. (see week 4: # 92)
 184.    Coffee. Coffee. Coffee
 185.    Remembering to water my plants before they go all wilty.
 186.    Hugging!
 187.    Crunchy Peanut Butter.
 188.    Marimekko in my living room:
189.    Finding a parking spot in SF on flat/level ground. (I am out of practice driving my no-power-steering manual transmission car in the hilly-town)
190.    Yarn.
191.    The free Photoshop Express app for iPhone.
192.    A shelf full of empty journals just waiting to be filled up w/ words & doodles.
193.    BBQ dinner with a friend. (The Sassy Mo-Lassy bbq sauce was my fave!)
194.    Striped knee-high socks:
195.    Finding a cool vintage tablecloth at the thrift shop & it being 50% off when I get to the register. Double Score!  
196.    Lily Allen. (Her voice, lyrics, & general rad-ness/adorable-ness.)
197.    Puffy white clouds.
198.    Funny unintended shadow puppets on the wall.
199.    Really Yummy Thai Food.
200.    Learning to Needle Felt:

What are YOU grateful for right this minute?


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