Monday, April 18, 2011

1300 Things: Week 16

376.  Berry Pie w/ crumb top! (this is funny to those who read my tweets)  
377.  Carob. (please don't compare it to chocolate... it's not supposed to replace it.)
378.  A sale on Moo cards.
379.  A spool of pretty pink linen twine. 
380.  Asparagus season. 
381.  This Soap Chair by Eero Aarnio::

382.  The 70's sitcom Soap... watch it (instant Netflix). Way ahead of it's time & hilarious. Think              Arrested Development... 1977.  
383.  Lunch with awesome new friends. 
384.  BART-ing (rather than driving) into San Francisco. 
385.  Indian food. (it'd been a while since I've enjoyed your deliciousness)
386.  Orange & Blue::

387.  Happy healthy houseplants.
388.  Toasted marshmallow milkshakes. 
389.  Hamburgers from Trueburger.
390.  Being featured in so many Etsy Treasuries. 
391.  Orla Kiely bags. 
392.  Vimeo.  (Dear YouTube, you're still cool... though not AS cool)
393.  This Face::

394.  Meeting customers in person & getting great feedback. 
395.  PayPal can do First Class shipping labels. 
396.  Coffe at Sightglass in San Francisco. Amazing to your taste-buds and your eyeballs. 
397.  The 1890 Artists Open Studios... always awesome to attend.
398.  Big leafy salads. 
399.  Ginger ale. 
400.  This mega awesome rap duo introduced to me by hizKnits::  

What are you grateful for on Mondays? I bet you can list a few!  

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