Monday, June 6, 2011

1300 Things: Week 23

551.  The kindness of strangers. 
552.  Happy white clouds after a week of grumpy grey ones.   
553.  Meatball subs.   
554.  The smell of paint. A lot of different kinds of paint. 
555.  The happy feeling that I get when I look at this photo:: 

 { via Poppytalk:: Styling - Margot Austin, Photography - Michael Graydon }
556.  Chocolate & coconut. 
557.  My first Etsy sale to Iceland!     
558.  Sweet crisp apples.
559.  Two new free film styles from Hipstamatic
560.  Trees.      
561.  A 1% decrease in the state tax rate.        
562.  This picture. This woman. That dog. 

563.  Tacky tabletops at tasty taquerias
564.  A freshly washed blanket.       
565.  Vintage linens. 
566.  The happy-go-lucky customer service at Mailchimp.              
567.  When customers share photos of the items they received from me. 
568.  Tuna Noodle Casserole::

569.  Confirmation that I am vending at Capsule Design Festival this Fall.   
570.  Gluten free soy sauce. (it just tastes better)     
571.  Crafty Business dates.    
572.  New friends.  
573.  Alpacas.     
574.  National Donut Day... Chocolate cake donut w/ Rosewater glaze:: 

Did you celebrate National Donut Day last week? 
Which one food item would you honor with it's own holiday?

p.s. In conclusion I noticed that the photos of this post are alternating crisp bright greens and stark black & whites.  I am currently a little obsessed with taking black & white photos... which strikes me funny seeing as that I am typically so motivated by intensely bright colors.

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