Monday, June 20, 2011

1300 Things: Week 25

600.  Sewing fabric again.  
601.  A pretty jar of buttons   
602.  All of the many tools & accouterments of sewing.   
603.  Yellow Gingham.  
604.  Putting Birds on it::

yes... yes... I need to address the thread tension/fabric puckering issue. 

605.  Sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and sharing a scone with a hunky boy.   
606.  A cool breeze on a hot day.   
607.  A walk around the block. 
608.  A grilled cheese sammie w/ an over easy egg in it. (who knew?)
609.  Delicious chicken curry.      
610.  My staple gun.        
611.  This succulent garden from So Succulent on Etsy:: 

612.  Clouds shaped like ice cream cones & penguins & pic-nick baskets &...  
613.  Rosco wrapping himself up in the orange blankie at the foot of the bead & peeking out one eye at a time.        
614.  My iron. Yeah... I love to iron. 
615.  Cucumber, Neroli Blossom, & Linden Flower fancy candles.          
616.  The happy rhythm of cutting out a pile o' felt bones.  
617.  These ottomans from Fun Makes Good... or as I prefer to call them, pouffes::

{ via Design Milk }

618.  When puppy dogs get squinty eyes & blown back floppy ears in the wind.         
619.  Wiggly Toes in the sunshine. 
620.  Surprise gifts in the mail.
621.  The sound of the word 'Palooka'.  
622.  Pineapple juice.      
623.  A letter in the mail with some really good news. 
624.  The sound of Jeff Bridge's voice in True Grit. It's got a lil' touch of Slingblade::

Although Jeff Bridges voice did not make me swoon, I do get weak in the knees for a deep gravely voice like Tom Waits, Sam Elliot, or dear god... Matt Berninger {vocalist of The National).

Whose voice makes you swoon?


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