Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunshine Selections

It has been totally grey and rainy for nearly a week. I am having a difficult time believing that it is actually June. Yesterday we had a teaser of sunshine, but alas when I spy on the weather report it has forecasted more rain for the next 6 days. So I have taken it upon myself to seek out some sunny inspiration from the warm dry comfort of my computer screen.

Some bright and sunny items that are keeping me warm and hopeful for some summer::

{ 1.  enamelware pots from Benefit Jewels,  2.   limited edition print- 'Magic Jewel Bears' by Zukzuk,
3.  screenprinted rock poster by Strawberry Luna,  4.  citrus modern cross stitch by Wall Work  }

{  1.  1960's tangerine pinup shorts from Thrush,  2.  lion sand pail from Domestikate  }

How is June shaping up in your part of the world? Are you getting the weather that you'd like?

Some Reminders:
- Today is the last day to enter the Giveaway for my Facebook Fans. Enter by 9 pm PST.
- This Monday postage rates will go up in my Etsy shop. So get the goods this weekend & save a few bucks on the shipping.
- Have an excellent weekend, take the time to be grateful for all the little things!


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