Monday, March 7, 2011

1300 Things: Week 10

Today is Rosco's birthday. Happy birthday little dude & thank you for giving me a million things to be grateful for every minute of every day! In honor of his birthday, this weeks 25 things to be grateful for will be heavy on the Rosco. 

226. Rosco P. Coltrane.
227. The sound of Rosco’s purr in my ear
228. The sight of Rosco’s handsome little face when I open my eyes every morning.
229. Being loved by the sweetest cat in the whole wide world!
230. That Rosco loves to be held & snuggled & smooched! 
231. That Rosco sits outside of the shower & talks to me, occasionally pulling the curtain open to make sure I am okay.

Rosco: age 1
232. A very thorough reorganization of the crafty work area.
233. Hansen's Ginger ale.
234. Gerald at Berkeley Vacuum & Sewing Center! This dude KNOWS sewing Machines, the difference in threads,  & all things sewing related! ❤
235. Free parking at a broken meter.
236. Pabst Blue Ribbon Tomato Soup & half a grilled cheese sandwich from Sacred Wheel in Oakland! (Seriously the best tomato soup I’ve ever had!)
237. Rosco's willingness eagerness to model hand knit items.
238. Being invited to write a guest post for a super cool blog (stay tuned over at Campfire Chic)
240. Crafty business dates with a dear friend that I rarely see.
241. A sale at the art supply store.
242. Root beer floats.
243. A fresh haircut!
Haircut by Donna Summers (yeah, for reals)
244. AAA Roadside Assistance.
245. The sun shinning down on me while I wait for AAA to come get the keys out of my locked car.
246. The kindness of total strangers, asking if I need any help while I wait for AAA
247. Having enough battery charge on my phone to tweet & text & goof around while I wait for AAA. 
248. My ability to laugh hysterically at the whole locking-my-keys-in-my-car thing!
249. Cadbury Crème Eggs
250. This Funny Commercial (Watch for Amy Sedaris):

I adore reading your comments about what YOU are grateful for.  So how about it... 
What are you grateful for today?


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