Monday, March 28, 2011

1300 Things: Week 13

301.  Making mochas at home w/ super rich European hot chocolate.
302.  Awesome customer service (phone/stores/restaurants).
303.  Not breaking my tailbone when I slipped and fell on it in the rain.
304.  Coupons.
305.  Chocolate milkshakes.
306.  This vintage pink Royal typewriter:: 
307.  Being told how much your missed. 
308.  Being mentioned on a satisfied customer's blog. 
309.  Ginger Pear White Tea from Trader Joes.
310.  Freaks & Geeks.
311.  Overcoming a silly fear (that wasn't even real to begin with).
312.  This Photo of a young Clint Eastwood:: 

{photo source}
313.  Seeing the yellow ball on the weather forecast... finally! 
314.  My really old minty green hoodie... so soft.
315.  Instant messenger chats with new crafty friends. 
316.  Getting to announce the winner of my big giveaway.
317.  European hot chocolate.... so decadent.
318.  Being asked to be featured on the blog of someone that I have looked up to for a long time. 
319.  This photo by Spanish Photographer, Julien Denoyer:: 
{etsy shop / source}
320.  Finding just the right button for the project.
321.  Moroccan Olive Pugliese from Trader Joe's.
322.  A sleeping cat on one side and a sleeping hunky boy on the other.
323.  How much I love sewing the details onto paper tree branches. 
324.  Really old buttery soft t-shirts with little holes in them. 
325.  This wonderfully obscure 1962 Cartoon w/ Judy Garland that I discovered following the awesome Brini Maxwell's Tweets::

Thank you all for reading this weekly feature & leaving such inspiring comments!
What are YOU grateful for right this very minute? 

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