Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mail Day!

I love opening the mailbox and finding packages just for me! A couple of weeks ago my friend Caren from tea & chickadees got her first Chemex.  

Mind you, Caren and I have been tweeting about Chemex coffee makers for several months.  I casually tweeted about how much I love mine.... about how I love having something that encompasses 
design + tasty coffee + vintage sensibility.  I was very surprised that the lovely Caren (queen of vintage, lover of tasty coffee, collector of tea-pots) didn't have one of these, much less never heard of them.  

I buy recycled and unbleached paper products whenever possible.  But when it comes to chemex, I have heard from several trustworthy folks that the unbleached filters tend to give the coffee an added "flavor".  Being a trusting soul... I have always bought & used the bleached filters.  Upon reading Caren's post, My First Chemex Experience, I noticed that she was using the unbleached Chemex filters.  I offered to send her some of mine to do a taste test.  Being a genius, she suggested we swap.  

Without further ado I give you my Chemex-Coffee-Cat themed package from Caren:: 
(I swear to you... this post started out being about getting a package in the mail) 

the package contained:: 
  • a beautiful greeting card with a very humorous edit by Caren (see the pretty girls tattoos)
  • a super cool felt coffee cup cozy (little did Caren know that I have been jonesing for one of these for a very long time!!!) 
  • an Instax polaroid of Strongpaw, Caren's kitty & one of Rosco's many long distance girlfriends. (sorry Ladies... he's just too much cat love for one you to handle)
  • a faux-laroid drawing of Rosco modeling one of my silk & cashmere cowls. Wow! I have original Caren Art!!! 
  • & oh yeah... unbleached coffee filters

The photo which inspired Caren's amazing drawing of Rosco P. Coltrane
We had one of these beauties in my home when I was a kiddo in the 70's.  Mind you I didn't drink coffee back then, but I was quite taken with the idea that my mother would make & serve her daily coffee in a science beaker (or what I thought was a science beaker). 

One of my all time favorite characters is Mary Richards.  I grew up watching reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I now own several seasons of the show.  It's one of my favorite background shows to play while I am crafting throughout the day.  I get silly giddy when I see her using her Chemex.


What is your preferred method of brewing coffee? Get anything good in the mail recently? 


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