Monday, May 2, 2011

1300 Things: Week 18

426.  The freckle farm on my nose is growing a big crop from all the sunshine.
427.  That it's warm enough to leave the windows open at night.    
428.  Pre-peeled cloves of garlic. 
429.  Rosco nesting in an empty cardboard box. 
430.  Shiny clean hardwood floors. 
431.  The beauty of mondo-chunky knits for home decor items like these beautiful cushions::

source via knithacker }
432.  A hot cup of ginger green tea on a chilly morning.             
433.  Big strong bear hugs from a big strong hunky boy. 
434.  Unexpected money in the mail.  
435.  Rediscovering my hoards of fabric... and plotting to sew it up into frilly skirts and dresses.  
436.  Photoshake Iphone app.
437.  This Japanese embroidery technique (sashiko)::

{ photo source via Good Things }
438.  Reaching 30 Etsy Sales! 
439.  Gift wrapping for customers. 
440.  A bowlful of carrot sticks. 
441.  Pockets. On everything. Yes, pockets.   
442.  The sweet juicy burst from biting into an orange slice.
443.  A rainbow of shiny thread atop my worktable::

444.  Being barefoot. 
445.  My curly pigtails.  
446.  Cinnamon Candies. 
447.  My ability to keep a secret.
448.  Root-beer. (I'm pretty sure I've listed this before.... but I'm really grateful for it!) 
449.  The grocery clerk asking how my was going... and knowing that she really wanted to know.  
450.  An armful of candy colored bangles::

In constant gratitude for you, your comments, and the beauty of the everyday world around us...


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