Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craftastic Feature!

{ happy squirrel pin from Vegancraftastic Etsy Shop }

I was gleefully surprised and honored when Kala asked to interview me for a feature on her awesome blog, Vegan Craftastic. I have been a longtime fan of her Esty shop... just look at that squirrel pin! Be sure to check out her shop for heaps of cuteness & lots of knitty themed accessories too. 

Follow her on Twitter, she is friendly, adorable, and very approachable. Be sure and follow her Blog, there are tons of delicious crafting posts as well as food. She really knows how to make even the most die hard carnivore drool over vegan food!   

So head on over to Vegan Craftastic to read a little more about me & 
enter to win a one-of-a-kind prize made with love by me! 

just curious... are you vegetarian? vegan? raw foodie? pescatarian? occasional meat eater? or a steak & potatoes fanatic? 

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