Friday, May 6, 2011

On My Mind...

A few things that are on my mind today....

1.  Being on hold for 20+ minutes only to be mysteriously disconnected. Calling back & entering the #ed sequence to get to the queue that I was in before, only to hear "sorry that is an invalid entry at this time. thank you for calling" and disconnected again.  

But for reals... being on hold for 20+ minutes makes me über grateful that I work from home & have a comfy earpiece that allows me to work while holding.... holding...yes, still holding

2. This "Love Writer" Print from Dekanimal on Etsy::

don't you just love that little red heart key?
{  Etsy Shop }

3.  The flower bulbs that I recently found at the back of my kitchen junk drawer wrapped in burlap and ribbons. They were part of a gift bag that I received last summer at an open house. I finally planted them two days ago, and like a mother hen I cannot stop looking at the seemingly barren pot, waiting for the first hint of life to peek up at me from the soil.    

4.  I am officially in love with the rounded corner paper punch that I bought for a ridiculously low sale price. I hope that you all like rounded corners... because I suspect that they will be popping up often in my shop. 

5.  Cat feet... why are they so damned cute and irresistible to poke at. The Universe was really having an "on" day when it matched Rosco & I up, because he loves to have his cute little feets massaged as much as I love massaging them. We were meant to be. 

6. Lot's of grown up type business that needs to be taken care of. The kind of stuff that doesn't involve a sewing machine, a glue gun, a camera, or Tweeting with my friends. 

what's on your mind today?    


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