Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1300 Things: Week 20

Due to the technical difficulties last week... Posting my 1300 Things a day later than usual.

476.  Being chosen as the Blog of the Day on Bloggers Blogs of Note.
477.  The tap water in Oakland. It's good.
478.  A neon color pack of poster board.
479.  The first peaches of the season... they were actually quite tasty!
480.  Having a willing and gorgeous feline model in the house::

Rosco P. Coltrane. The Cat. 

481.  Bleu cheese bacon burger from Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe.
482.  Finding a $10 bill in an purse I haven't used in years.
483.  Getting caught up on Glee. I love that show. And I am proud of it. So there.
484.  Andouille sausage.
485.  Getting more comfortable with the cooking of tofu. My body is grateful for less meat intake.  
486.  The Big Lebowski.
487.  This cake plate from the awesome Etsy Shop::

{ Etsy Shop }
488.  The new Hipstamatic Bondi Pak (film & lens). It makes such pretty pretty pictures.
489.  Baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies w/ the Hunk.
490.  Lots and lots of refrigerator magnets.
491.  The huge bulk bin section at Berkeley Bowl.    
492.  The peaches from #479 in a batch of Irish oatmeal w/ toasted pecans & a swirl of maple yogurt.
493.  My toothpaste dispenser. His name is Rondo. He makes me smile twice a day & in between meals::
Rondo by Alessi
494.  Getting TWO awesome packages from Canada in the mail last week.
495.  Chatting with new friends on facebook /skype /gchat.        
496.  Mini chocolate chips.  
497.  Having a tall helper to clean the ceiling fan blades.
498.  A fresh kitchen sponge.
499.  Potstickers.
500.  This ridiculously cute commercial::

WOW... this was a food heavy list this week.
What foods are you grateful for this week?


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