Thursday, April 27, 2006

Barely Knitting, Always Busy, & Life

I have been super busy with just about everything... And still am super busy. School started. It's great and very time consuming. I will keep this brief. And btw, I miss everyone so much & have been very touched by all of the sweet comments and emails that I receive. I wish that I had more time to post, read all of your blogs, and return emails. I think of you all everyday. xoxox
Knocked out a kittyville hat in one day for a birthday gift. It was well received.

finally finished knitting the "stash bag" from Leigh Radfords' One Skein. Still have not felted it. :( So unlike me, the felting is the exciting part.

...Was a bridesmaid in my oldest friends wedding. I realized that we have known one another for HALF of our lives! jeesh, talk about feeling old.

I really liked my hair that day. I will have more photos of that day eventually. This was the corset wedding. So hot! ; )

Chris threw his back out at the gym. He finally made it onto the couch after four days of laying on the floor. The first four days he had to literally crawl on all floors up and down the stairs. It was heart breaking to see him in that much pain. He was cold, so I bundled him up & fed him almond M&M's.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Missing You....

I have truly missed y'all! I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has left encouraging comments, and sent emails with generous offers to come by & help out. Your words have meant the world to me. I have been very well cared for. Get this, my man is a freakin god, and my friends totally ROCK!. On his way to pick up brownies from my fave bakery, he stopped by my shop with a get well card & had all of the gals sign it. And get this, they forced money at him to go and buy flowers for me. I am one lucky punkrawkgurl!
I am okay. My neck & back are still fairly tweaked, but I am knitting, working, going to school, and getting back into the swing o' things.
I haven't had a chance to catch up on everyone's blog yet. I will do my best. School started last week, and it's keeping me pretty busy. I have finished three projects since we last "met". I will have photos and details soon.