Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rock Me Ladybug!

I want this!! How flippin cute is it?! I have been toying with getting a new set of ipod speakers for awhile. i am not an audiophile... i do not need anything fancy. No mega woofers or tweeters necessary here. I just need to be able to hear the music at high volume. Sure I can hear the subtle differences between good and awesome speakers... it's just not that important to me. Am I going to get it? I don't know. I have to grapple with the decision of which color... ladybug red
or sexy silver.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Toe To Toe

It's been a month. I swear that I want to be a good blogger. I swear that I love to blog, and to read other people's blogs... knitting blogs of course. Once again I am going to try really really really hard to be better about blogging!!!

So in the last month what has happened....
There have been some ups and downs for me. The downs have been dealt with so there is no need to go there. Lets talk about the ups...

I taught another fabulous class for the fabulous Sile at knit one one. This time around I was so lucky to co-teach with the super adorable Knit Ya Ya. We taught Beverly Galaskes' Felted Clog pattern. It was a full house. And as usual we had amazing students. Just look at those color combos!

Other exciting news... knit one one has a sexy new location. We can now have multiple classes at the same time. It is warm and spacious, and exciting. These photos are form the grand opening weekend.

This weekend I will be teaching the mega awesome Kent's Moss Stitch Beret at knit one one. There are still some spaces left. You can see photos of this wonderful beret in my previous post.

Other news... hizKNITS and I had Pedis today! It was FABU! Look at our pretty pretty toes.