Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rock Me Ladybug!

I want this!! How flippin cute is it?! I have been toying with getting a new set of ipod speakers for awhile. i am not an audiophile... i do not need anything fancy. No mega woofers or tweeters necessary here. I just need to be able to hear the music at high volume. Sure I can hear the subtle differences between good and awesome speakers... it's just not that important to me. Am I going to get it? I don't know. I have to grapple with the decision of which color... ladybug red
or sexy silver.


  1. Its soooo cute! I think if you're gonna go for it.. you might as well go for it in the red. I really need an ipod dock & player somewhere in the house myself.

  2. And then you could get a Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel for the complete set. Definitely need RED!

  3. Glad you're back! Go for the red one, I know I would've..

    Anna in Sweden