Thursday, October 5, 2006

Back to School... And something that really Sucks

Yup, tomorrow is back to the drafting board for me! I have been knitting sporadically during my ever so brief break. The past couple of weeks have flown by! I celebrated my birthday, relocated my studio into my bedroom, moved in a new roommate, worked pretty much everyday, taught a knitting class, and... There is probably something else that I am forgetting because I am so damned exhausted.
OH! I remember. I had to deal with lame ass sbc/att/yahoo!! It started with there being a problem with the dsl connection and I had to call to get it fixed... The phone & dsl accounts were under the ex boy's name, and sbc would not even talk to me unless I provided them with HIS ss#. So I had to call him up and ask him to call the phone company and change the accounts to my name. LAME! Turns out that they are more than capable of changing the name on the phone account, but absolutely cannot change the name on the dsl account. The dsl has to be shut off under the boy's name (2-3 weeks), THEN AFTER that, I can sign up for a new dsl account which will take a week to get up and running. Kiss my ass, I don't think so. Not to mention that the woman told me I was stupid for not canceling the phone and opening new phone AND dsl accounts which would only take 2 weeks. I thanked her for making my decision to move to high speed cable internet easier. Comcast was out the next day with everything up and running.
Although I did have to spend TWO days on the phone with Comcast and then apple trying to get the modem to play nice with the airport extreme so that the wireless network would work and my roommate could use it too. Everyone is so afraid to help out with macs! I could actually hear panic in the voices of the Comcast people when they said "we are not trained to work with mac computers". My eyes rolled so hard I swear they could hear it on the other end of the phone!

So as for the SUCKY part of this post... I knew that I was a true mega domestic goober when I saw this new product and could not live without it. The dirt Devil KONE hand vac. I rushed to target a couple of days ago, but they only stock the pink, charcoal, and champagne colors, none of which I remotely liked. I wanted the white one, HAD to have the white one, the only one with the "illuminating" charging base. I emailed dirt devil to find out where in my area I could purchase the amazing "illuminating" KONE. Turns out that I would have to go to... ewwwww, yes Walmart! ICK!
BTW, I was actually in the market for a handheld vac. I use an electric eraser when I draft, which creates MOUNDS of eraser poop. Since I am no longer in a separate studio room, and do not want eraser poop blowing all over my bedroom I decided a few weeks ago (while I was working on my final for drafting) that I would get a handheld vac to clean my table off everyday. I put off shopping for one until I saw this amazing product! And now I honestly cannot remember where I first saw it advertised.