Monday, May 30, 2011

1300 Things: Week 22

526.  TechShop SF... truly amazing people. The ultimate Gratitude.    
527.  The peace and calm of knitting.   
528.  The smell of rain.  
529.  Being mentioned on the pretty pretty blog, Deer Little Fawn. 

531.  That the refrigerator has two lightbulbs so that when one burns out & I'm too lazy to replace it...          I can still see my food.   
532.  The 'Way More Chocolate Chips' cookies from Trader Joes.
533.  100% pure jojoba oil. 
534.  A simple scrambled egg w/ dash of fresh cracked black pepper. 
535.  A ladybug landing on my finger.      
536.  Smiles from total strangers.       
537.  A very special "just because" package in the mail from Zoe in Australia::

538.  My first Etsy sale to Asia! 
539.  Free parking right in front of the Post Office.     
540.  Spoiling people on their birthday. 
541.  The Hunk's laughter. (the Hunk is my boyfriend)            
542.  Marc Bolans' lyrical genius. Listen to this song
543.  T. Rex- Jeepster has been one of my fave sons since I was a kiddo::  

544.  Instagram (an iPhone app & a community) 
545.  Cat stretches.      
547.  The mystery plant bulbs found in my junk drawer are finally sprouting!   
548.  Sliding on the hardwood floor in my socks. 
549.  Having a guest post on this blog.  
550.  Vintage sewing machines.  

I have been listening to T. Rex non stop this past week, their music always makes me feel amazing, energized, light, & all around groovy.

What songs or musicians are you grateful for?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honey Pop. Berry Love.

It's been about three weeks since I've made my last Etsy Treasury. I was beginning to have withdrawals. As usual my mind has been obsessed with color palettes. Every day I have a new color combo that I am in love with. Some palettes have stuck with me over the years. This is one of those longtime color obsessions...

Honey Pop. Berry Love.
by punkrawkpurl

The soothing color of honey punched up by brilliant pops of hot pink... one of my all time favorite color palettes.

Visit the Treasury Page to see it Full Sized

Sale 25% Off - Original...

Fruit Punch, Asymmetric...

Natural Paper Lace Note...

Hot Pink Confetti Garla...

Cassandra - Pink Blosso...

Electric cityscape leat...

lovebirds. raspberry pi...

bonne nuit owl - vintag...


Seahorse Buckle with Re...

Mustard Yellow Wool Ble...

Set of 5 Wool Wrapped S...

Giraffes handmade coin ...

organic flannel baby bl...

Baby Boy

Crocheted Bunny Rattle

Other color palettes floating through my mind's eye... 
  • Olive Green + Teal Blue + Sky Blue + a dash of Mustard Yellow
  • Turquoise + Ruby Red + Jet Black + a hint of Lemon Yellow
  • Royal Purple + Hot-Pants Pink + Turquoise

Which colors are you dreaming about today? 


Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Rosco-

If you have read this blog, even once-in-a-while, it is likely that you've read about Rosco P. Coltrane. Allow me to share a teeny bit more about the history of Rosco::

It will be 11 years this June that Rosco, an Abby-Tabby (Abyssinian Tabby mix) came to live with me. I adopted him from a rescue center after someone tossed him and his litter-mates into a dumpster behind a gas station. I will never understand that mentality towards animals, though I am grateful every single day that the trash of one man became the best friend of this crafty girl. 

Rosco: Spring 2010
Rosco was the most active kitten I have ever experienced. Jumping up onto everything, climbing ladders, getting up onto the top edge of an open door... jumping down from high spots. When he was only 8 months old he had to have orthopedic surgery on his rear leg to correct a horribly dislocated knee, a problem common in small dogs and Abyssinian cats. Go figure. After the surgery, to prevent him from running around, he had to live in a dog kennel in our living room. To keep him from getting his cast wet, he had to drink water out of a hamster bottle. His litter box was in there. He was a kitten who wanted nothing more than to run and jump and play. He lived in that kennel for 3-1/2 months, only coming out when I held him. He maintained his amazing way of being throughout the entire ordeal & never losing his upbeat, fun loving, and goofy ways. 

Baby Rosco a week before his knee surgery
& I am so glad that wall-to-wall carpeting is in our past! 
Rosco & I are best friends. He is a major love-bug, super social, pretty goofy, massively chill, & an all around Cool-Cat! He has always been here for me when i needed a laugh, a hug, someone to pat my back when I am feeling under the weather (yes, he does that), or just  listen to me talk something out. You can learn even more about Rosco in a guest blog post that he wrote for a Twitter friend of ours, you can read it here & follow him on Twitter.   

So when Rosco asked if he could help me in any way to grow this blog... we came up with the idea that being the savvy cat that he is, he could help out the pets of other bloggers by giving them advice. Think of Rosco as a Dear Abby.. with a heaping helping of sass & occasional tuna breath. 

June marks 11 years of Rosco & Tammy! To celebrate, 
we will kick off Rosco's column on this blog! 

Who::  Bloggers with pets (cat, dog, gerbil, snake, fish, etc) who have a question for Rosco
How::  Have your pet email the following details to Rosco's email address
  • Your name & how long you have lived with your human(s)
  • If you have any pet siblings or other housemates
  • 1 or 2 questions for Rosco. (he will pick one, maybe two). 
  • One or two photos of you. These can be with or w/out your human(s) &/or furry housemates. {photos should be taken in natural daylight -no flash photography please-}
  • A short blurb about your human & links to their Blog/Etsy/Twitter/etc . It seems only fair since they are allowing you to use their computers.  
We already have a handful of pets who have emailed in with some questions after we announced it on Twitter a couple months back. If your question is chosen Rosco will email you and tell you when to look for your post. Rosco is planning to answer posts twice a month to start with, and if the demand is higher, possibly weekly.

❤, purrs & whisker kisses, 
-t & r

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Winner

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, blogged, and spread the word about this sweet
giveaway. And thank you to Julie for providing such a pretty prize! If you don't know what I am talking about, then read this, and be sure to go check out Julie's blog and shop!   

The winner of the Vintage Brooch from Restless Hearts is::  
Lucky #7 is: 

Congrats to you Gillian! We will be contacting you today! 

If you missed this giveaway, worry not, there will be more. If you are a Facebook fan of PuNk rAwK pUrL, there is a current giveaway just for you and you can find it here!


Monday, May 23, 2011

1300 Things: Week 21

501.  Making crafty new friends. 
502.  Going from 203 to 517 GFC followers in 5 days. 
503.  Going from 44 to 63 followers on Bloglovin in 5 days. 
504.  More sales in my Etsy shop.
505.  This coin purse from Australian Etsy shop Seventh Sphere::
506.  All of the lovely comments, emails, & new followers I'm STILL receiving after         being chosen as last Monday's Blog of the Note by Blogger. 
507.  Loud Music, sunshine, open highway.
508.  Sushi.
509.  Sapporo. The Large size... all to myself. 
510.  A day full of laughter.      
511.  Meeting tons of amazing and talented people at Bazaar Bizarre.    
512.  In-N-Out::

Using the awesome Photoshake app for iPhone
513.  Volunteering at the Etsy booth for Maker Faire.
514.  Having the opportunity to talk to so many people about Etsy.  
515.  Having the opportunity to talk to so many people about I Heart Art: SF.
516.  The movie Immortal Beloved w/ Gary Oldman as suggested by Diane.             
517.  The shade of a tree on a sunny day... & the leafy shadows it creates. 
518.  A sassy new haircut::  

519.  Living to look forward to yet another Rapture
520.  The ability to stay positive after a less than awesome phone call.        
521.  Discovered a fun music sharing app for my iPhone, Soundtracking.    
522.  Expecting stickers and getting postcards + stickers. SCORE!
523.  A spoonful of almond butter.  
524.  Sitting on an oddly tall park bench so that my feet dangle. 
525.  This beautiful song::

"Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

What were you most grateful for from this past weekend? 


Friday, May 20, 2011

For My Facebook Fans

This Giveaway is now closed. 


In March I had a giveaway to celebrate reaching 500 Twitter followers. 
Just two months later I have more than 750 Twitter followers. It's like a snowball... the more you gather, the faster you roll! Or something like that. 

But This GIveaway is all about my Fantastic Facebook Fans! 
And to celebrate reaching 250 Fans on Facebook this week, I am gifting one of the newest members to the PuNk rAwK pUrL Stitched Up Journal family.

________________________ The Giveaway ________________________ 

Thar-She-Sews Moleskine Journal 
{this is the working title... what would you name the new line of Stitched Up Whales?}

One lucky Facebook Fan will win::
This cute little Whale sewn onto the cover of a Large (5" x 8.25") Kraft Brown Moleskine Cahier Journal. The winner will choose which page style they want: 
Grid/ Lined/ Plain

How To Enter: 
(the first two steps are required for entry. the remaining steps are optional): 
1. In my Etsy Shop, click on an item that you like. On the righthand side of the item's page click the Like button to share it on your Facebook page. 
2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which item you posted to your page. 
(be sure to leave me your Facebook name or enter your email so that I can contact you if you win)

for a second entry into the giveaway:
1. Go to my Facebook page & on the lower left hand side of the page click the "share" link. Copy & paste into the "write something" box : PuNk rAwK pUrL is having a giveaway on her blog just for her Facebook fans! See her page for details on how to enter!  
2. Leave a 2nd comment on this blog post telling me that you shared my page on yours. 

for yet another entry & chance to win:
1. Leave a 3rd comment on this blog post with your suggested name for the new Whale Journals. 
Giveaway ends June 3rd at 9 PM pst. Winner will be chosen from the comments left on this blog post by random number generator & announced on June 4th. Giveaway is open internationally. 

various stages of the Whale prototypes...
sketches, finding the right sized button eye, h2o drops,  & playing w/ color (of course)
Congrats to #4 Catlyn Lawson!! 

Good Luck! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In My Studio...

I have been busy at work... crafting up a new flock of owls to be sewn onto Moleskine journals. Most of these will be going onto the virtual shelves of my Etsy shop. Some are for custom orders, and others will be inventory for all of the upcoming craft shows this summer.

Other exciting creatures on my worktable this week: Whales & Sew-Mo-Robotos in a new larger size. 

Large Owls ready for Vintage Button Eyes

Pocket Sized Owls Freshly Sewn onto Journals. 

I am kind of addicted to iPhone photography... the above photos were snapped using the newest "film" & "lens" for one of my favorite iPhone photo apps, Hipstamatic.

Are you working on anything exciting this week?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1300 Things: Week 20

Due to the technical difficulties last week... Posting my 1300 Things a day later than usual.

476.  Being chosen as the Blog of the Day on Bloggers Blogs of Note.
477.  The tap water in Oakland. It's good.
478.  A neon color pack of poster board.
479.  The first peaches of the season... they were actually quite tasty!
480.  Having a willing and gorgeous feline model in the house::

Rosco P. Coltrane. The Cat. 

481.  Bleu cheese bacon burger from Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe.
482.  Finding a $10 bill in an purse I haven't used in years.
483.  Getting caught up on Glee. I love that show. And I am proud of it. So there.
484.  Andouille sausage.
485.  Getting more comfortable with the cooking of tofu. My body is grateful for less meat intake.  
486.  The Big Lebowski.
487.  This cake plate from the awesome Etsy Shop::

{ Etsy Shop }
488.  The new Hipstamatic Bondi Pak (film & lens). It makes such pretty pretty pictures.
489.  Baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies w/ the Hunk.
490.  Lots and lots of refrigerator magnets.
491.  The huge bulk bin section at Berkeley Bowl.    
492.  The peaches from #479 in a batch of Irish oatmeal w/ toasted pecans & a swirl of maple yogurt.
493.  My toothpaste dispenser. His name is Rondo. He makes me smile twice a day & in between meals::
Rondo by Alessi
494.  Getting TWO awesome packages from Canada in the mail last week.
495.  Chatting with new friends on facebook /skype /gchat.        
496.  Mini chocolate chips.  
497.  Having a tall helper to clean the ceiling fan blades.
498.  A fresh kitchen sponge.
499.  Potstickers.
500.  This ridiculously cute commercial::

WOW... this was a food heavy list this week.
What foods are you grateful for this week?