Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Photo Archives

I was poking around my Flickr stream looking for a specific picture, which I never located. 
I love turning the pages of my history... flipping scrolling through old photos,  having a blast rediscovering so many great moments in time. 
I thought that you might like to have a peek at some of my favorites. 

I drive past this building daily. Oakland /Emeryville

Dandelion Greens

Just a Few of My Many Pairs

A Sunny Moment on the Couch w/ Rosco 

A Corner in my Kitchen

I look forward to making the time to scan the truly old photos into the computer... photos from my childhood, my mom's childhood, and even my grandmother's childhood. I was fortunate to inherit all of the family photo albums.    

Do you flipped through old photos in an album? or scroll through them on your computer? 


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