Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PORN! AND CABLE! (Not porn on cable)

Random Yarn- Cuffs(note the cables)

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed dk-Lace leaf scarf from Vougue Accessories

Blue Sky Cotton-Niko's Blankie

Superlong Wrap from the box of Knitting-Frank

Rowan Felted Tweed- & there is way more of this stuff, maybe a big seed stitch wrap someday... ooooh cables, a cable wrap/sweater

This is a just a little peek at what i have been doing while avoiding school. There is actually WAYYYY more than this, this is what was at arms length to photograph. And in actuality I haven't really been avoiding school but i have been seriously distracted with getting my new life organized. The car, the bedroom, my headspace... my emotions...

Mmmmmmanos-Just Because

I have been feeling pretty good lately. My head thinks that my heart is just playing tricks, like the pain is still in there and that i am just numb to it. But I am not sure about that. I even think that i may be ready to start dating again. did I just say THAT?! The pain is definitely still in there, but i am feeling it in a healthier way... that sounds weird i know, but trust me when i say that i am feeling worlds better about the break-up. why just yesterday i was able to listen to The Cure & Patsy Cline at work without hysterical crying, or even that twitchy thing that my eye does when i am trying desperately not to cry in public. I missed listening to The Cure, but man oh man it just rips me open to hear those whiny love/heartbreak/crazy person lyrics that I normally love to hear.

Rowan Biggy Print in Shocking-Whatever

I have made several more hats, I know big fk-in suprise. I have made a few more wrist cuffs, love them! I have made a couple more pairs of fingerless mitts/gloves, as birthday gifts, people just love those things. Made a birthday hat for my rad new roommate. I am putting the finishing touches on the baby blankie for niko who was born in May. It's just now cold enough to actually wrap him up in it, so I refuse to feel bad about taking so damned long! Well... actually Kate wound up knitting one panel, so the blankie is now officially from the both of us! Finished a lace-leaf scarf for myself out of the rowan yorkshire tweed dk that is discontinued and was purchased about a year ago. I am in process of a fleted bag for me, another scarf/wrap for ME (the "superlong wrap" from the knit box of patterns, i know that there is more than one box of patterns, but it's the one with the good patterns in it. I am knitting it out of my buddy Frank. And for any new readers that may be reading this.... Frank is formally known as Frank Ochre, the tastiest color of Malabrigo, the tastiest yarn! I am also beginning a few new projects that will be holiday gifts for people that just might read my blog, so that is all that i will say about that.

Rowan Kidsilk Haze-Recently Discovered That I LOVE Knitting w/ Mohair-Thanks Janis, oxox

More Knitting news, I am currently SUPER into cables. Maybe it's the season, I dunno. But I am all consumed with cabling. I recently purchased the Vogue Stitchionary vol. 2 Cables.

More Mohair- & Once Again, Thanks Janis

Pile o' Porn

Rosco, Plum Tuckered out after Joining in on the Yarn Porn Action!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Killer Organization...

SOOOO much has been going on. I have missed blogging so very much!! School is so intense & I must say honestly that I am not motivated whatsoever! I was able to pull off straight A's last quarter despite my life being turned upside down and violently shaken. This quarter I am trying to stay focused on school, but all I want to do is work on organizing my new life. Set up my bedroom/workspace, get a car, a new bed, etc. I picked up my new car today (pictures will follow). I got my new bed last week. The photo above is of the midbeam that supports the bedframe. Gotta love that IKEA graphic charm! I laughed so hard that I forgot to heed the warning and wound up cutting myself on the damned thing. Stack that one up onto the half a dozen other cuts, scrapes, and bruises from my head to my stubbed toes....(anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I am ridiculously clumsy)

Injuries aside, this last week has been the most solid. Things have just been falling into place, and quite beautifully. Car, bed, friends, shelving... Just look at my new shelves. And not even close to holding all the yarn that they are quite capable of. My life is starting to feel like it's mine. I am in control of my own emotions finally. things for being here for my sap! Now I am misty eyed and ready for bed. ; )
But before i go... I have been knitting quite alot, while i am putting homework off. I will snap photos of my current projects and of the MOUNDS of new yarn I have adopted since my regular posting. Yarn porn city... just you wait.