Friday, August 24, 2007

Knit So Sweet

Miss PuNk rAwK pUrL has completed yet another display/art installation/creative endeavor. If you stroll into the ever so delightful and delicious Sweet Adeline's bakeshop in Berkeley between now and... ummm... I am not sure how long the display will be up... you can gaze upon an artfully arranged showing of the Fall class line up for knit one one.

Classes include, an amazing honeycomb patterned felted bag from the mother of felted bags, Petra, a monster making workshop with Sonya, beginning knitting & some mesmerizing enterlac with Miss Kate, a must have (no joke, you will NEED this bag) bobble bag* by the ridiculously talented , yet self proclaimed "beginner knitter" Miss Emily, a sweater workshop with knitting goddess Julie W, & some fabulous fingerless gloves, a woolly cabled winter version of my rock star wrist cuffs, & a super cozy felted cap complete with ear flaps and a brim with yours truly! *note... the bobble bag will be a first time crochet class for knit one one. The class will start off with beginning crochet lessons.

This Saturday, the 25th, there is a gallery opening from 6 - 7:30. Come by and have a mouth watering cupcake and some champagne while gazing upon adorable, yet non edible knitted cupcakes.

I want to say thank you to all of my friends and helpers for assisting, co-creating, and keeping me on track throughout the process of these installations... And especially to the Queen Bee for being a constant source of motivation and inspiration to ALL of us!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So I then I Took My Top Off....

Wednesday was a fairly crappy day. I would even go so far to say the Wednesday was one of the crappier days in the life of Miss PuNk rAwK pUrL. Let's just say that I actually had to leave work for a couple of hours to come home and cry. I know... super pathetic. BTW- the crappiness had absolutely nothing to do with work. Soooo, then I made some rad last minute plans to cheer myself up Wednesday night... that didn't go so well either. It was a heaping load of totally unrelated salt in my already aching wounds.

So by the time Thursday came around I was chomping at the bit the to make things better for myself. But alas... crying in the shower didn't get "it" all out... I would need some help... Lucky for me my good buddy Kate and I had made plans to go shopping!! Yes, I broke down and took an entire day off from my 6 day work week.

We began with breakfast at La Note in Berkeley. Cinnamon Brioche Pain Perdu soaked in orange blossom water, and sprinkled with lavender honey ... of course that alone made me feel worlds better! The service was SLOOOOOOOW! But the food was tres tres delicious!

We then climbed into the car and took off for Petaluma! Woo hoo! WAIT... Petaluma = woo hoo?? wtf? Don't get me wrong... Petaluma is a lovely town... but why would two hot single gals be so excited to take a day off of work and drive their happy asses up there?? Well... I will tell you why. Y-A-R-N We were going to visit Knitterly, a delightful yarn shop in Petaluma. The drive up was nice. And the shop was gorgeous! We found skeins a plenty to tempt ourselves! And I finally found the perfect dark grey heathered boucle to make my vintage styled capelet... and it is an alpaca blend!! In case anyone was not aware... I *heart* alpaca. It is my fave fiber. I also got some Rowan Felted Tweed in a dreamy shade of blue! And of course I acquired some adorable buttons too. WHAT?! A girl always needs more buttons! Kate picked up some items as well, including some yarn for the super cute Carrie.
Next we headed to the outlet mall... yes, this was a serious shopping expedition. And we did LOTS of shopping at the mall. My fave purchases were at the Vans shop. I bought a pair of old skool blues (just like the ones I wore 20 something years ago... ugh) & a jaunty pair of slip ons. (wish i had a photo of Kates new Vans... white w/ pink flamingos... adorable, just like Kate.)
Ok... now we were about to get wild and crazy! It was hot up there in Petaluma... and we had been shopping for hours by now. And what is the point in driving a two seater convertiable if you don't take the top off now and then?! After changing clothes and shoes in the parking lot and hand feeding one another left over breakfast we pulled out the drivers manual and read up on removing the top from my car. (This would be the first time that I have taken the top off) It was a sight to behold. All buckled in, fueled up on cold pain perdu and homefries... after Kate secured my hair into an updo with the new hair accessories that we purchased at Claires Boutique we took off, waving our hands in the air and yes, we actually were hooting and hollering. It was like some bizarre lesbian spring break... though it wasn't spring and we are not lesbians.
We drove down to San Rafael... to go to another yarn shop natch. We drove with the top down, strands of hair carelessly whipping around, radio blaring, and smiles a plenty. We arrived at Dharma Trading Co. More a craftastic wonder than a yarn shop. I found some Mission Falls 1840 in a luscious green and blue, as well as some more Rowan Felted Tweed, this time in a sultry rusty orange that would set off the sexy blue I had picked up earlier in the day. Kate shopped for some Noro Kureyon and Cascade 220 to start a super sweater out of. So the woman at Dharma recognized me all celebrity style from working at Article Pract. She recommended that we head up the street to yet another yarn shop that shall remain nameless... It is owned by a dude, which is cool... yeah? Hell yeah it is. But it wasn't. Nope, it sure wasn't. Although the shop was cool enough, he was pretty lame. He did greet us when we first walked in, but after that he never got up out of his seat, never asked us if we needed any help or if we had any questions. It was pretty lame.
From there we drove back home, starving and exhausted. But did we go relax & eat? NO. We went to H & M and yes.... we shopped some more. I bought a new purse... it's a sinful shade of plum... which is going to be my color for the fall. It was a good day.