Monday, January 31, 2011

1300 Things: Week 5

1300 Things To Be Grateful For: Week 5
101.    This pom-pom-tastic crafty idea:
102.    The word “chartreuse”.
103.    The color chartreuse.
104.    Scalp massages.
105.    Finally crossing that one thing off of my to-do list.
106.    Silk dupioni curtains in a rich chocolate brown.
107.    Writing with teeny pencils.
108.    Glue guns. (even if I do complain about how crappy mine is).
109.    The architecture of Downtown Oakland.
110.    My autographed copies of Ysolda Teague’s first two books.
111.    These dryer cloths!!! They are meant for baby’s laundry but the scent [rice milk + mallow] was MADE for ME. I am seriously addicted to this scent.
112.    Making paper garland.
113.    Feather down pillows.
114.    Baby bok choy
115.    Earl Grey tea steeped in steamed vanilla almond milk.
116.    Being invited to sit in for a friend at a BNI meeting.
117.    The first big arms-over-my-head & wiggle my butt stretch of the morning.
118.    Tom’s of Maine Fennel toothpaste.
119.    Lime bubbly water w/ a hearty splash of blackberry juice.
120.    French Lilac perfume.
121.    Living alone.  Sharing a home w/ Rosco. 
122.    Silly Sunglasses & Funny Friends to share them with.
Audrey & Me Spring 2010
123.    Fresh ginger. 
124.  A clean stove top.   
125.   Truly amazing friends who blow my mind & send me stuff in the mail when I least expect it! (& when I most need the cheering-up that comes with a surprise package) 

What were YOU grateful for this past week, yesterday, today, or this very moment?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Ahead & Stay

This past year I have come to truly enjoy the rain.  I mean really truly... I have been loving the rain. I have come to find immense comfort in a rainy day.  It's been a complete mystery because I have never liked the rain... not even a teensy weensy little bit.  In fact I typically grumble, mumble, and gripe about all things rain related: my glasses get fogged up, my hair gets giant & frizzy, the hardtop convertible roof of my car randomly leaks, other people's driving during soggy weather (too fast, too slow, no headlights), & so on.
I do recall points of my childhood where I kinda sorta maybe liked the rain.  However, upon further reflection, I realized that whatever fond memories I had about rainy weather as a child were centered around the different kiddo umbrellas that I had.  They never seemed to last for more than a season, and there seemed to be an endless parade of them. Some of my favorites were:

A transparent bubble umbrella with white rain drops & a "J" hook handle, very similar to the one pictured above from echo.  I have always preferred the hooked handle, it's fun to hold onto, & you can hang it from your arm when you aren't puddle jumping or skipping in the rain.

{sourced google images}
My number two favorite umbrella from my youth was a white umbrella with a lavender lining... yup, just like the Morton Sale Girl. I recall begging for a yellow coat & shoes. I mean come on now!  Who doesn't love that image?!

Although I was thoroughly a tomboy as a kid, another umbrella that I loved dearly was a frilly ruffled little number.  It was bright orange with ivory polka dots.  I don't think I was quite as cheeky as Marilyn was with her red version.
{sourced google images}

After the countless disappointing umbrellas I have had as an adult (read: pieces-o-crap that turned inside out at the hint of wind), I went out last Spring & bought a giant Isotoner Bubble Umbrella with lime green trim. It's very much like the one I had when I was a kid, only much larger & sturdier.  I fracking LOVE this umbrella!  The transparency is a life saver, I can see where I am going! (I realized that I prefer an umbrella with a "J" hook handle. & that I would much rather carry a full sized umbrella than a teeny pocket sized one.)
What do you love (or not) about the rain? & if you carry an umbrella, how do you prefer yours? Big, small, short, tall, retractable, hooked handle... etc?


    Saturday, January 29, 2011

    1300 Things: Week 4

    This post is very late indeed. This was to be posted on Monday & represents my grateful list from the week before.  
    Some complications came up with what I thought was a lingering flu. Mysteries solved, questions answered, action taken.... & I am on the mend.  Heaps of gratitude to all who have been supportive during this less than pleasant time. 

    1300 Things To Be Grateful For: Week 4

    76.  Sunshine.
    77.  Orange juice with lots of pulp.
    78.  The willingness to reach out & ask for help… even if it’s really hard for me to do.
    79.  The Dick Van Dyke Show.
    80.   Urban Ore in Berkeley CA.
    81.   My collection of vintage knitting needles

    82. Hearty houseplants that forgive my forgetful watering.
    83.  The huge willow tree on the street behind me.
    84.  Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns (No knitter should be w/out the first 2 volumes)
    85.  Driving with the windows down.
    86.   A jar of homemade raspberry preserves in the back of the cupboard.
    87.   Watching movies all day long whilst snuggling in the arms of my hunk.
    88.   This face: (are you tired of Rosco pictures yet? If yes, TOO BAD!)

    89. Vanilla scented candles.
    90.  Unlimited opportunities.
    91.  Bear Claws. (the kind w/ almonds & drizzly icing. No offense to the feets of real bears)
    92.  Amazing internet friends… that frankly deserve to be called f r i e n d s (minus the disclaimer   of the word “internet”)
    93. My hunky BF running to the store to get me coconut milk ice cream at the mere mention of craving it.
    94.  Lime green filing cabinets.
    95.  Mashed avocado on a toasted sesame seed bagel, sprinkled with salt & pepper.
    96.  Fancy sidewalks in Downtown Oakland.
    97.   The twitchy whiskers & paws of a dreaming kitty cat.
    98.   Being featured in this colorful Etsy Treasury        
    99.   Wool blankets.
    100.  This song:

    What does Gratitude mean to YOU? 


    Friday, January 28, 2011

    The water's fine...

    Diving in just barely under the wire for i made it so's Fabulous Friday Feature:

    friday archive dive button

    Today's topic is "your favorite post".

    It was difficult to pick a favorite post of mine, & not because I have a plethora of favorites.  On the contrary, I have yet to discipline myself to write frequently enough to have a lengthy list to choose from.  I really do love writing & sharing... there is a good blogger inside of me, I promise.

    I chose a post that commemorates my love for knitting, the growth that i have gained from the craft & the friendships stemming from it.  If you want to see which post I chose dive in & check it out!

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    A New Nest of Owls in The Shop

    Adopt An Owl
    A few new Owl babies have hatched in the shop this morning.  Keep your eyes peeled for more to nest real soon. (Etsy was being cranky & crashy whilst uploading listings). 

    Which One Will You Love?
    Still, I am not totally pleased with the quality of photos for the individual cards. This is an area that continues to frustrate me, & I continue to work on it. I have been told numerous times that the photos don't represent how beautifully made these cards are.   
    Also Keep your eyes open for some Valentine-ish cards & other goodies to pop in this weekend. 


    Monday, January 17, 2011

    1300 Things: Week 3

    51.  Having my own parking spot at home.
    52.  The textiles of Marimekko.
    53.  Clementine tangerines.
    54.  The name Clementine.
    55.  Trader Joe’s Brand Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.(it's SUPER creamy & vanilla-y)
    56.  The sound of the wind.
    57.  This dishtowel:
    58.  Anything & everything with marzipan in it.
    59.  Potato, Swiss chard & spicy sausage soup.
    60.  The scent of boiling water first hitting the coffee grinds.
    61.  High ceilings.
    62.  Being surrounded by talented people. (You know who you are)
    63.  Having a photogenic cat that loves to model hand knit items!

    more Rosco modeling

    64.  A boyfriend who knows how to fix stuff on my car.
    65.  Truly awesome friends.
    66.  Having a second (i.e. a back up) slipcover for my sofa
    67.  Chocolate hidden in the house.
    68.  That I always seem to have whatever I need in my gigantic yarn stash.
    69.  Being featured in a pretty Etsy Treasury by the adorable & talented Vegan Craftastic!
    70.  The gorgeous marble floor in my bathroom
    71.  The smell of brown rice cooking.
    72.  David Sedaris books.
    73.  A swift & ball winder at home.
    74.  Tons of pillows on the sofa.
    75.  My boyfriend’s ability to be goofy.

    bioré stripping
    What have you been grateful for this past week, yesterday, or right now?

    365 Days: Me

    Day 3: Where is My Mind
     For the past few weeks I have been flying a bit under the radar as far as the social media scene goes.  Actually I have been flying a bit under the radar as far as life goes.  I have been negligent to my Etsy shop, my blog, reading & returning emails, & even my twittering.  & to all of my "Words With Friends" opponents... I am sorry for falling off of the planet.  The flu plague that I contracted a few days before Xmas really took me under it's heavy wing & held me down.  I have had bursts of feeling better & raring to go.  But mostly I have had long stretches of feeling like I could just sleep through winter.

    I am not at all superstitious about my new year beginning in a feverish, snotty, achy fashion. I am shaking off the funk & ready to dive into my creative business.

    The one area of discipline I have kept up with is my 365 Self Portrait Project on Flickr.  I started it last summer, about the same time that I began a 365 Hipstamatic Project.  The latter project fell by the wayside early last month.  Surprisingly I found it easier to maintain the self portrait project.  In the beginning, I struggled a bit at taking a photo of myself everyday. After about a month, I relaxed into it & began to enjoy the challenge.  It's something that I have a lot of fun with.  Some days the photos are downright unflattering... but that's ok. Other days I am pleasantly surprised at how much I really don't look my age.  The bottom line is that no matter how cute or beastly the photos may be on a given day... all 365 of them are ME!

    And for those of you who have been following my Monday Feature- 1300 Things... it will be coming up this evening.  A little late, but still on track.


    Monday, January 10, 2011

    1300 Things: Week 2

     1300 Things To Be Grateful For: Week 2

    26.  Houndstooth prints.
    27.  Fresh Mint leaves.
    28.  Central heating.
    29.  Beautifully maintained hardwood floors.
    30.  My super girly pink, yellow & orange bedroom.
    31.  My collection of cat whiskers. (Weird? Maybe. Pretty? For sure.)
    read all about it
    32.  Ironing. (Yes, I love to iron.)
    33.  The word “tchotchke”.
    34.  Long hot showers.
    35.  Casting off a knitting project. (One that has otherwise been finished since August) 
    36.  Typography.
    37.  Having my own washer & dryer. (Specifically not having to deal with the lint & gummy detergent goo of total strangers.)
    38.  Discovering really amazing chocolate

    39.  Sunsets & free moments to enjoy the view.
    40.  Hand knit wool socks.
    41.  Canoodling on the couch w/ my hunky man.
    42.  Red Velvet Cake lip-gloss.
    43.  Having my grandmother’s vintage button stash.
    44.   Having thick naturally curly hair (despite my lifelong complaints & wishing for straight hair).
    45.  The cast of Glee awesomely mashing up one of my all time favorite musicals “Singing in The Rain”. (Yes. I really do love musicals & have since I was a kid!)
    46.   Living so close to an IKEA that I could go everyday… if I wanted to.
    47.  My iPhone. 
    48.  Circular knitting needles. (Nickel plated Addi Turbos are my favorite.)
    49.  Having subscriptions to lots of MAGAZINES!
    50.  Having coffee & breakfast made for me while I write this post! 

    What are YOU grateful for today, yesterday, or right this very moment? 

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    1300 Things: Week 1

    I have recently stumbled upon this über doober adorable blog: The Quiet Life of Violet.  She is doing a year long weekly feature called "1300 Things To Be Grateful For".   Big xoxo's to Miss Stephanie Violet for allowing me to steal share her idea.  

    It is impossible for me to limit the things/people/places/etc that I have gratitude for to 1300 a year. Some days it feels like I am grateful for that many things before I even finish my morning cup of coffee.  Each Monday I will share 25 random things that I have been grateful for from the previous week. 

    Week 1:
    1.     Freshly laundered bed linens.
    2.     The beauty of naked winter trees right outside my living room windows.
    3.     The word “smitten”.
    4.     Knitting with baby alpaca.
    5.     Perfectly poached eggs.
    6.     Friendly smiles from total strangers.
    7.     Getting a parcel of handmade gifts in the mail from a long time inspiration.
    handmade lavender sachets by bitter purl
    8.     Broccoli. (Yeah, I said broccoli)
    9.     Watching movies & knitting with a friend.
    10.  Watching Rosco use his scratching post because his butt wiggles as he scratches!
    11.  A perfectly brewed cup of Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer tea.
    12.  The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    13.   Warm kitty snuggles on a cold morning.
    14.  My vintage clipboard set that I bought from Le Vintage Maison on Etsy.

    15.  A fixed zipper in a favorite pair of old “broken” boots.
    16.  Getting an out-of-the-blue phone call from an old friend.
    17.  Squishy felted slippers.
    18.  Driving on an empty highway.
    19.  “Daylight” by Matt & Kim

    20.  Singing out LOUD to my favorite songs.
    21.  My ancient Dyson vacuum cleaner… it still sucks like crazy. *wink*
    22.  The internet (more specifically the friends I have made over the years while traveling on the Great Information Super Highway)
    23.  Fig scented candles.
    24.  The giving of handmade gifts.
    25.  Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoniette (the movie & the soundtrack)

    What have you been grateful for this past week, yesterday, or right this very moment? 

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderfully positive & fun celebration. Things have been wonderfully low key at Casa George.

    Ringing in the new year with a lingering flu funk has not at all deterred me from a positive outlook.  2010 delivered quite a few fistfuls of ummm... let's just say interesting changes.  I am however, very happy to report that said changes motivated me to generate some really awesome stuff; opening the cyber doors to my Etsy Shop, making a ton of inspiring new friends, & gaining more clarity on what I'd like my life to show up as.
    2011... Let's get it on Baby!

    Some of you may have noticed that I made some big changes to the appearance of this here blog.  I have been de-cluttering & brightening up the place.  Stay tuned as I plan to try on a few more changes, a fresh color palette,  possibly changing up the logo, & some content changes as well.  In fact later today I will be posting a new feature that I am pretty excited about.

    Rather than making resolutions at the start of a new year...
    I have found that staying open to constant change is a far more expansive way for me to approach every day of my life.  Every morning I wake up & ask "How much fun, money, & joy can I add to my life today?" It feels good to invite new possibilities into my life.

    What would you like to invite into your life today?
    Rosco & I Ringing in 2011!