Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Ahead & Stay

This past year I have come to truly enjoy the rain.  I mean really truly... I have been loving the rain. I have come to find immense comfort in a rainy day.  It's been a complete mystery because I have never liked the rain... not even a teensy weensy little bit.  In fact I typically grumble, mumble, and gripe about all things rain related: my glasses get fogged up, my hair gets giant & frizzy, the hardtop convertible roof of my car randomly leaks, other people's driving during soggy weather (too fast, too slow, no headlights), & so on.
I do recall points of my childhood where I kinda sorta maybe liked the rain.  However, upon further reflection, I realized that whatever fond memories I had about rainy weather as a child were centered around the different kiddo umbrellas that I had.  They never seemed to last for more than a season, and there seemed to be an endless parade of them. Some of my favorites were:

A transparent bubble umbrella with white rain drops & a "J" hook handle, very similar to the one pictured above from echo.  I have always preferred the hooked handle, it's fun to hold onto, & you can hang it from your arm when you aren't puddle jumping or skipping in the rain.

{sourced google images}
My number two favorite umbrella from my youth was a white umbrella with a lavender lining... yup, just like the Morton Sale Girl. I recall begging for a yellow coat & shoes. I mean come on now!  Who doesn't love that image?!

Although I was thoroughly a tomboy as a kid, another umbrella that I loved dearly was a frilly ruffled little number.  It was bright orange with ivory polka dots.  I don't think I was quite as cheeky as Marilyn was with her red version.
{sourced google images}

After the countless disappointing umbrellas I have had as an adult (read: pieces-o-crap that turned inside out at the hint of wind), I went out last Spring & bought a giant Isotoner Bubble Umbrella with lime green trim. It's very much like the one I had when I was a kid, only much larger & sturdier.  I fracking LOVE this umbrella!  The transparency is a life saver, I can see where I am going! (I realized that I prefer an umbrella with a "J" hook handle. & that I would much rather carry a full sized umbrella than a teeny pocket sized one.)
What do you love (or not) about the rain? & if you carry an umbrella, how do you prefer yours? Big, small, short, tall, retractable, hooked handle... etc?


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