Monday, January 17, 2011

365 Days: Me

Day 3: Where is My Mind
 For the past few weeks I have been flying a bit under the radar as far as the social media scene goes.  Actually I have been flying a bit under the radar as far as life goes.  I have been negligent to my Etsy shop, my blog, reading & returning emails, & even my twittering.  & to all of my "Words With Friends" opponents... I am sorry for falling off of the planet.  The flu plague that I contracted a few days before Xmas really took me under it's heavy wing & held me down.  I have had bursts of feeling better & raring to go.  But mostly I have had long stretches of feeling like I could just sleep through winter.

I am not at all superstitious about my new year beginning in a feverish, snotty, achy fashion. I am shaking off the funk & ready to dive into my creative business.

The one area of discipline I have kept up with is my 365 Self Portrait Project on Flickr.  I started it last summer, about the same time that I began a 365 Hipstamatic Project.  The latter project fell by the wayside early last month.  Surprisingly I found it easier to maintain the self portrait project.  In the beginning, I struggled a bit at taking a photo of myself everyday. After about a month, I relaxed into it & began to enjoy the challenge.  It's something that I have a lot of fun with.  Some days the photos are downright unflattering... but that's ok. Other days I am pleasantly surprised at how much I really don't look my age.  The bottom line is that no matter how cute or beastly the photos may be on a given day... all 365 of them are ME!

And for those of you who have been following my Monday Feature- 1300 Things... it will be coming up this evening.  A little late, but still on track.


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