Monday, January 3, 2011

1300 Things: Week 1

I have recently stumbled upon this über doober adorable blog: The Quiet Life of Violet.  She is doing a year long weekly feature called "1300 Things To Be Grateful For".   Big xoxo's to Miss Stephanie Violet for allowing me to steal share her idea.  

It is impossible for me to limit the things/people/places/etc that I have gratitude for to 1300 a year. Some days it feels like I am grateful for that many things before I even finish my morning cup of coffee.  Each Monday I will share 25 random things that I have been grateful for from the previous week. 

Week 1:
1.     Freshly laundered bed linens.
2.     The beauty of naked winter trees right outside my living room windows.
3.     The word “smitten”.
4.     Knitting with baby alpaca.
5.     Perfectly poached eggs.
6.     Friendly smiles from total strangers.
7.     Getting a parcel of handmade gifts in the mail from a long time inspiration.
handmade lavender sachets by bitter purl
8.     Broccoli. (Yeah, I said broccoli)
9.     Watching movies & knitting with a friend.
10.  Watching Rosco use his scratching post because his butt wiggles as he scratches!
11.  A perfectly brewed cup of Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer tea.
12.  The Mary Tyler Moore Show
13.   Warm kitty snuggles on a cold morning.
14.  My vintage clipboard set that I bought from Le Vintage Maison on Etsy.

15.  A fixed zipper in a favorite pair of old “broken” boots.
16.  Getting an out-of-the-blue phone call from an old friend.
17.  Squishy felted slippers.
18.  Driving on an empty highway.
19.  “Daylight” by Matt & Kim

20.  Singing out LOUD to my favorite songs.
21.  My ancient Dyson vacuum cleaner… it still sucks like crazy. *wink*
22.  The internet (more specifically the friends I have made over the years while traveling on the Great Information Super Highway)
23.  Fig scented candles.
24.  The giving of handmade gifts.
25.  Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoniette (the movie & the soundtrack)

What have you been grateful for this past week, yesterday, or right this very moment? 


  1. What a great idea! It will really make you think. Today (so far)I was grateful for:
    * A fresh pot of coffee waiting for me when I got up (from DH)
    * Seat warmers in my car
    * A blue sweater that exactly matched my new blue and white cowl I just finished
    * An understanding boss
    * A good friend who will help me when I need it

  2. I LOVE the Rosco butt wiggle one, I love a good kitty scratching post butt wiggle!

  3. Ah!!! You're the one who bought those awesome wallpapered clipboards!! I have tried to do my own "wallpapered" clipboards, but lack seriously in the crafting capabilities.
    I love this 1300 things to be thankful for idea. Smitten!

  4. This is a fabulous idea! :) Look forward to seeing all the things on your list :)

    I'm thankful for marvelous friends, like Tammy! :)

  5. Yahooo for broccoli! That poor little green man needs more love! Know what I'm grateful for? Crazy cat lady friends such as yourself! For reals. I <3 you!

  6. aww so glad you like your sachets!