Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Niko!!

Baby Niko turned one last week. And auntie PuNkrAwKpUrL just finished his blankie last week. I started his blankie while he was still in uetero. I worked on his blankie in the waiting room while he was being violently pushed into this world... I worked on his blankie for the weeks following his birth... then I got REEEEALLY bored of the damn blankie and put it aside for a "few days"... which turned into a few months... which turned into "wow! holy crap! I have to get this thing done!" Well it is done! I don't love it as much as I did when it began. I was sooo into it, I remember that I sketched a zillion different color layouts for it. I still love the colors, love the idea... but after looking at it for sooo long, it being a thorn in the side of my knitting hands.... ugh! The blankie is a little janky looking in the photo below. It was taken right after I finished, before ends were woven in, and before it was blocked. Tomorrow is the birthday party (I cannot believe that I am going to a children's birthday party! UGH!) & I will try to snap a photo of Niko with his blankie. Watch... he is going to hate it! HAHAHA
I love you Niko!!

Other news...
I have been better at toting my camera around with me. I snapped some more photos of downtown Oakland while wandering from the parking garage to work. The architecture is so amazing, so rich in downtown Oakland.

Check it out!!! Look at that jade green color!

And take a gander at the rhythm of the windows on this old beauty... they aren't just stacked up in a grid formation. And the satirwells, how graceful. Click on the photo to really enjoy the amazing-ness of this building! Did I mention how much I love the arrangement of the windows?

If you haven't checked it out, you should really pick up a copy of this guide to Oakland. You can pick it up at Entrez. (keep in mind the website is having a makeover) It is an awesome book, even for someone who lives here. It is full of Oakland history, and all of the businesses covered are independently owned. Article Pract is in there natch! The author even highlights green businesses.