Sunday, April 15, 2007


Wasn't that what the fat assed Kool-Aid guy shouted before he crashed through a wall? Or no, maybe that was the annoying honey-comb kids??? NO, that "big big taste". Oh yes, now I remember... that was Rita Moreno's line on the electric company. The Kool-Aid dude said, "OOOHH YEAH!" in a very creepy Barry White voice.

So what's all the fuss about Kool-Aid? Well I am glad that you asked. Today at the ever posh knit-one-one the ever adorable Elaine taught a class on dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid. Which is honestly something that I have never had a huge interest in doing, mostly because it sounds so messy, and I don't like messy. haha. Well it wasn't as messy as I had imagined it, partly because Elaine was extremely organized. This was her first time teaching a class, and she was simply amazing! Some of us mixed different flavors together and dyed our natural and unbleached yarns into a semi-solid color. I chose to "hand paint" mine using lime green, and a mixture of blue raspberry lemonade and strawberry to get a purple-ish color. I had a blast. As typical of the knit-one-one crowd, it was a lot of yarn, good food (thanks to Janice for bringing those delicious pork buns!), and hearty laughs all the way around! Now if only I could get the rest of the "dye" off of my fingernails! ewww

I wasn't expecting to post again so soon. (yes! two whole posts in less than a week!) So although my last post promised more photos... you will have to make do with these lonely Kool-Aid yarn pics.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where in the hell has she been?

Who the hell cares where she's been?
Yes, it's me again. Hello? Is there anyone there? I can hear the crickets chirping out there in the yonder. Well let's see.... where to begin...

I will just dive right in. I am taking a quarter off from school, and working more so that I can afford to go back to school. I took a second job at a very cool shop in downtown Oakland. It is called Entrez~Open House. (the shop has a myspace page withgreat photos... i caanot seem to get to it though. I am myspace crippled) It is a furniture, house wares, and accessories boutique like shop. The owner's name is Marie, and she couldn't be any sweeter, a joy to work for. Marie also has an interior decorating business. So this job, as you can imagine is right up my alley. The shop is gorgeous! It is set up like,... well, a house, a home. And each separate area maintains a specific color palette, and all of the merchandise in said area is only in that palette. I will take some photos and post. "yah yah", you say, "we'll never see any flippin photos! Who does she think she is kidding anyway?!" HAHA

I am still working at the yarn shop. We have more amazing and gorgeous yarn than you could shake a stick at... or maybe shake two sticks at... well then you would be knitting I suppose. HAR HAR! If you live in the area, or are visiting the area I highly recommend you groove your booty on in and check it out! You won't be sorry.

Knitting news?! Could there be? Just yesterday as a matter of fact I taught my first ever class at knit-one-one. I taught a leaf lace pattern, a scarf. It was so much fun. Sile just got back last night from a trip to NY. SO we feasted on real bagels, as well as that famous shortbread. (for those of you who don't know, Sile makes the most amazing short bread, and often serves it up during classes.) A former student once commented that knit-one-one was like a knitting spa, because Sile waits on you, bringing you anything you could possibly need or want. I think that is a very accurate description.

So what am I knitting? socks.... socks... socks... a herringbone scarf, etc. I promise that my next post, whenever that is, will contain photos and more knitting info.