Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hardcore Knitting Fashion & Tammy Teaches

Benjamin Cho at Bryant Park Fall 2007

My adorable & delightful co-worker Logan Rockefeller Harris sent this photo to me & I squealed with joy when I saw it! I LOVE over-the-topness, and I LOVE knitting. So as you can imagine, I LOVED this dress. Would I wear it? Probably not, & only because those hands look mighty uncomfortable! Here is one more shot...

What else is going on in my glamorous & exciting life you may be asking? Well let me tell you all about it! School is flying right along. I have said it before and I will say it again, "man oh man, the quarter system sucks"! It is just plain impossible to fully grasp difficult concepts like two point perspective in just a couple of weeks, especially when you are still trying to wrap your cute little brain around the first two weeks of one point perspective. I am actually enjoying AutoCAD quite a bit. And my commercial design concepts class is a ridiculous amount of work, but I am getting TONS out of it.

How about an embarrassing photo of Rosco? The photo quality here is not great at all. But the image is just too hysterical to keep to myself.

When they conied the phrase "cute as a button" they were quite obviously thinking of these. We have started carrying buttons at work & it has been proving to be a whole new addictive problem for me. I have always had an intense gravatational pull to buttons. When my grandma passed away, many many years ago I inherited her entire sewing room, which included LARGE boxes full of vintage buttons. I have never been the same since! Would you just look at those oranges! They actually have dimples & a little teeny green butt stem thingy on the bottom. You can almost smell the citrus-y goodness. **note** I don't really have anything planned for any of these buttons. They MAY wind up as embellishmebnts on a hat, pair of gloves, or replacing old tired buttons on a vonateg sweater or two. OR they may just stay in my button stash, making me happy in their own little secluded way.

Button Fruit

I have not been knitting very much at all for the last few weeks. I think that I have maybe picked up my needles two or three times in the past 3 weeks. I am still knitting the two pairs of magic loop socks, and just yesterday I started another elmer fudd hat. his one is double strand worsted weight, ella rae in lichen & brown sheep's nature spun in grecian olive. I am now wondering if I will like the color blend after it is felted.... I guess we will see. I haven't had much luck knitting this hat for myself, but the ones that I make for everyone else come out great! I will spare you yet another picture of the same socks, but here is a boring photo of the fudd hat.

Elmer's hat band & earflap action

SOOOOO, Tammy Teaches, what's that all about? The lovely Sile (pronounced Sheila), has an amazing new thing going on. knit-one-one is her creation, a sort of knitting rec-cenetr/community/school. I suggest visiting the website to obtain a much better description. I was fortunate to have been invited to teach classes at knit-one-one, and my first class for Sile will be next month. Check out my bio for funny pictures & riveting info of yours truly. I will say it again, knit-one-one is an amazing resource for knitters. If you live in the Bay Area you shuold take a class. And if you don't live here, you should take a class the next time you are visiting the Bay Area... Nessie!