Thursday, September 21, 2006

Done! And Happy Birthday to Me!

I had so much frickin fun last night! I went to dinner in north beach (San Francisco's little Italy) with some girlfriends from school. We drank the yummiest chianti (I don't remember the label). At the end of our meal our waiter brought out a HUGE platter, of the rockin-est tiramisu that I've had in ages, he announced that it was a comp on the house. Someone at the table innocently said "is this for Tammy's bday?" -and of course the cheesy, kinda slimy, but super cute Italian waiter runs to get a candle, and proceeds to make a HUGE production. The entire staff sings LOUDLY, and makes all of the customers sing too. Then our waiter sits at the table and spoon feeds me tiramisu, & gives me the double cheek kiss. One of the Italian waiters even looked a little like a young Michael Bolton which provided me with the opportunity to crack a couple of jokes. It was all so cheesy and north beachy, and exactly what I needed after the last few months that I have had!!

So last Wednesday was my actual birthday. It was also the week of finals. So I spent my birthday morning frantically finishing off my 5 page, single spaced, 10 pt. research paper on mid century modern homes. The afternoon was spent at school trying to print my paper, a way too long story. Just trust me that printing my paper was more painful than writing it! The evening of my bday Kate came over, took me to in & out for my bday diner ( I had been craving a double double for a super super long time). She gave me the awesomest birthday gifts; some cool yarn, and a set of vintage kitchen canisters that match my kitchen some dang well!! Then we ate the radest peach pie from bake sale betty's while watching project runway.

All damn day and night Thursday I spent attached to my drafting table. My final project for drafting consisted of 2 floor plans WITH lighting & electrical, 2 elevations, a section, AND a cover sheet from hell! My drafting isn't great, but it's pretty good. My lettering is pretty darn good though, which I hear is the more important thing to grasp for my line of intended work. Of course I was not able to get all of that done in time, and our horrible but nice instructor allowed us to Finish the final during the allotted class time. So I spent another 3 hours drafting my little fingers to the bone! (note in the photo the drafting table that I was chained to all day Thursday)

As soon as I was done with drafting I went to the library and started working on my CRAZY project that was due this past Monday. Sunday night I went to "sleep" at 5 a.m. and got up at 7 a.m. to finish my project. Needles to say that I was a bit loopy and stunned when the instructor announced she wanted us to give an oral presentation about our projects. UGH! But I made it through and good things are beginning to happen.

My new housemate starts to move in this weekend. Which means that my gigantic huge studio space is no longer mine. You can see from the photos how good I had it. (please keep in mind that the utter chaos and pig sty-ness of the room is due to finals & life. I will be going to birtthday dinner again this weekend with a small group of some of my oldest girlfriends, that is gals that i have known for a long time, not old age broads. ; )

Friday, September 8, 2006

ACK- Finals!!

Here are some quicky photos to hold you over until I am done stressing out over the last week of school! My last day is the 18th, and then I start again on the 5th of October. I am still searching for a roommate! I was hoping to have someone lined up so that during my break I could just deal with moving someone in, and not having to spend it searching for a place & moving myself somewhere else. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Rosco Models the before felt....

Flower pot models the after felt....

Rosco, experiencing sympathy stress for me, rests his weary little head in a pile of yarn...