Saturday, January 29, 2011

1300 Things: Week 4

This post is very late indeed. This was to be posted on Monday & represents my grateful list from the week before.  
Some complications came up with what I thought was a lingering flu. Mysteries solved, questions answered, action taken.... & I am on the mend.  Heaps of gratitude to all who have been supportive during this less than pleasant time. 

1300 Things To Be Grateful For: Week 4

76.  Sunshine.
77.  Orange juice with lots of pulp.
78.  The willingness to reach out & ask for help… even if it’s really hard for me to do.
79.  The Dick Van Dyke Show.
80.   Urban Ore in Berkeley CA.
81.   My collection of vintage knitting needles

82. Hearty houseplants that forgive my forgetful watering.
83.  The huge willow tree on the street behind me.
84.  Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns (No knitter should be w/out the first 2 volumes)
85.  Driving with the windows down.
86.   A jar of homemade raspberry preserves in the back of the cupboard.
87.   Watching movies all day long whilst snuggling in the arms of my hunk.
88.   This face: (are you tired of Rosco pictures yet? If yes, TOO BAD!)

89. Vanilla scented candles.
90.  Unlimited opportunities.
91.  Bear Claws. (the kind w/ almonds & drizzly icing. No offense to the feets of real bears)
92.  Amazing internet friends… that frankly deserve to be called f r i e n d s (minus the disclaimer   of the word “internet”)
93. My hunky BF running to the store to get me coconut milk ice cream at the mere mention of craving it.
94.  Lime green filing cabinets.
95.  Mashed avocado on a toasted sesame seed bagel, sprinkled with salt & pepper.
96.  Fancy sidewalks in Downtown Oakland.
97.   The twitchy whiskers & paws of a dreaming kitty cat.
98.   Being featured in this colorful Etsy Treasury        
99.   Wool blankets.
100.  This song:

What does Gratitude mean to YOU? 


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