Monday, January 17, 2011

1300 Things: Week 3

51.  Having my own parking spot at home.
52.  The textiles of Marimekko.
53.  Clementine tangerines.
54.  The name Clementine.
55.  Trader Joe’s Brand Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.(it's SUPER creamy & vanilla-y)
56.  The sound of the wind.
57.  This dishtowel:
58.  Anything & everything with marzipan in it.
59.  Potato, Swiss chard & spicy sausage soup.
60.  The scent of boiling water first hitting the coffee grinds.
61.  High ceilings.
62.  Being surrounded by talented people. (You know who you are)
63.  Having a photogenic cat that loves to model hand knit items!

more Rosco modeling

64.  A boyfriend who knows how to fix stuff on my car.
65.  Truly awesome friends.
66.  Having a second (i.e. a back up) slipcover for my sofa
67.  Chocolate hidden in the house.
68.  That I always seem to have whatever I need in my gigantic yarn stash.
69.  Being featured in a pretty Etsy Treasury by the adorable & talented Vegan Craftastic!
70.  The gorgeous marble floor in my bathroom
71.  The smell of brown rice cooking.
72.  David Sedaris books.
73.  A swift & ball winder at home.
74.  Tons of pillows on the sofa.
75.  My boyfriend’s ability to be goofy.

bioré stripping
What have you been grateful for this past week, yesterday, or right now?

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