Monday, May 30, 2011

1300 Things: Week 22

526.  TechShop SF... truly amazing people. The ultimate Gratitude.    
527.  The peace and calm of knitting.   
528.  The smell of rain.  
529.  Being mentioned on the pretty pretty blog, Deer Little Fawn. 

531.  That the refrigerator has two lightbulbs so that when one burns out & I'm too lazy to replace it...          I can still see my food.   
532.  The 'Way More Chocolate Chips' cookies from Trader Joes.
533.  100% pure jojoba oil. 
534.  A simple scrambled egg w/ dash of fresh cracked black pepper. 
535.  A ladybug landing on my finger.      
536.  Smiles from total strangers.       
537.  A very special "just because" package in the mail from Zoe in Australia::

538.  My first Etsy sale to Asia! 
539.  Free parking right in front of the Post Office.     
540.  Spoiling people on their birthday. 
541.  The Hunk's laughter. (the Hunk is my boyfriend)            
542.  Marc Bolans' lyrical genius. Listen to this song
543.  T. Rex- Jeepster has been one of my fave sons since I was a kiddo::  

544.  Instagram (an iPhone app & a community) 
545.  Cat stretches.      
547.  The mystery plant bulbs found in my junk drawer are finally sprouting!   
548.  Sliding on the hardwood floor in my socks. 
549.  Having a guest post on this blog.  
550.  Vintage sewing machines.  

I have been listening to T. Rex non stop this past week, their music always makes me feel amazing, energized, light, & all around groovy.

What songs or musicians are you grateful for?


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