Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Rosco-

If you have read this blog, even once-in-a-while, it is likely that you've read about Rosco P. Coltrane. Allow me to share a teeny bit more about the history of Rosco::

It will be 11 years this June that Rosco, an Abby-Tabby (Abyssinian Tabby mix) came to live with me. I adopted him from a rescue center after someone tossed him and his litter-mates into a dumpster behind a gas station. I will never understand that mentality towards animals, though I am grateful every single day that the trash of one man became the best friend of this crafty girl. 

Rosco: Spring 2010
Rosco was the most active kitten I have ever experienced. Jumping up onto everything, climbing ladders, getting up onto the top edge of an open door... jumping down from high spots. When he was only 8 months old he had to have orthopedic surgery on his rear leg to correct a horribly dislocated knee, a problem common in small dogs and Abyssinian cats. Go figure. After the surgery, to prevent him from running around, he had to live in a dog kennel in our living room. To keep him from getting his cast wet, he had to drink water out of a hamster bottle. His litter box was in there. He was a kitten who wanted nothing more than to run and jump and play. He lived in that kennel for 3-1/2 months, only coming out when I held him. He maintained his amazing way of being throughout the entire ordeal & never losing his upbeat, fun loving, and goofy ways. 

Baby Rosco a week before his knee surgery
& I am so glad that wall-to-wall carpeting is in our past! 
Rosco & I are best friends. He is a major love-bug, super social, pretty goofy, massively chill, & an all around Cool-Cat! He has always been here for me when i needed a laugh, a hug, someone to pat my back when I am feeling under the weather (yes, he does that), or just  listen to me talk something out. You can learn even more about Rosco in a guest blog post that he wrote for a Twitter friend of ours, you can read it here & follow him on Twitter.   

So when Rosco asked if he could help me in any way to grow this blog... we came up with the idea that being the savvy cat that he is, he could help out the pets of other bloggers by giving them advice. Think of Rosco as a Dear Abby.. with a heaping helping of sass & occasional tuna breath. 

June marks 11 years of Rosco & Tammy! To celebrate, 
we will kick off Rosco's column on this blog! 

Who::  Bloggers with pets (cat, dog, gerbil, snake, fish, etc) who have a question for Rosco
How::  Have your pet email the following details to Rosco's email address
  • Your name & how long you have lived with your human(s)
  • If you have any pet siblings or other housemates
  • 1 or 2 questions for Rosco. (he will pick one, maybe two). 
  • One or two photos of you. These can be with or w/out your human(s) &/or furry housemates. {photos should be taken in natural daylight -no flash photography please-}
  • A short blurb about your human & links to their Blog/Etsy/Twitter/etc . It seems only fair since they are allowing you to use their computers.  
We already have a handful of pets who have emailed in with some questions after we announced it on Twitter a couple months back. If your question is chosen Rosco will email you and tell you when to look for your post. Rosco is planning to answer posts twice a month to start with, and if the demand is higher, possibly weekly.

❤, purrs & whisker kisses, 
-t & r

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