Monday, May 23, 2011

1300 Things: Week 21

501.  Making crafty new friends. 
502.  Going from 203 to 517 GFC followers in 5 days. 
503.  Going from 44 to 63 followers on Bloglovin in 5 days. 
504.  More sales in my Etsy shop.
505.  This coin purse from Australian Etsy shop Seventh Sphere::
506.  All of the lovely comments, emails, & new followers I'm STILL receiving after         being chosen as last Monday's Blog of the Note by Blogger. 
507.  Loud Music, sunshine, open highway.
508.  Sushi.
509.  Sapporo. The Large size... all to myself. 
510.  A day full of laughter.      
511.  Meeting tons of amazing and talented people at Bazaar Bizarre.    
512.  In-N-Out::

Using the awesome Photoshake app for iPhone
513.  Volunteering at the Etsy booth for Maker Faire.
514.  Having the opportunity to talk to so many people about Etsy.  
515.  Having the opportunity to talk to so many people about I Heart Art: SF.
516.  The movie Immortal Beloved w/ Gary Oldman as suggested by Diane.             
517.  The shade of a tree on a sunny day... & the leafy shadows it creates. 
518.  A sassy new haircut::  

519.  Living to look forward to yet another Rapture
520.  The ability to stay positive after a less than awesome phone call.        
521.  Discovered a fun music sharing app for my iPhone, Soundtracking.    
522.  Expecting stickers and getting postcards + stickers. SCORE!
523.  A spoonful of almond butter.  
524.  Sitting on an oddly tall park bench so that my feet dangle. 
525.  This beautiful song::

"Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

What were you most grateful for from this past weekend? 


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