Wednesday, November 2, 2005

How I spent my Halloween...

This was the second project due in my color & design theory class. It was A TON of work. They gave us really crappy gouche paints to work with. The stuff was stiffer than a teenaged boy on prom night! The blue paint did NOT want to play with the white paint. The more water I added so the blue would spread like a teenaged girl on prom night, the more washed out the color became! I had to have 8 grades of blue fade into white. So that dark blue really had to come straight out of the jar with minimal water added. Next project... a complete color wheel. wooo hooo!

I haven't spoken much about it on here, but I have been coughing non stop for the past 3 weeks. Although I was sick with a yucky throat thing right before school started, I was pretty sure this was just allergies because last year at this very same time of year, I started coughing non stop. The doc thought I had asthma & put me on asthma meds which made it twice as bad. It was this time last year that we moved into the place we are at now. We finally came to the conclusion that it was likely the giant-pain-in-the-ass-constantly-dropping-a-shitload- of needles-pine tree in our front yard that was causing my pain & suffering. (& I do believe that is the technical name for that particular pine tree) Well this year it seems that the added stress from school has turned my innocent allergy into a very bad lung infection. I went to the doc on Monday, & now I am on antibiotics, UGH! I also went back to acupuncture! AHHHH! I LOVE acupuncture! My coughing seems to be slowing down already. My chest and throat still feel like the little alien dude is trying to claw his way out.... but I am spending more time meditating & DE-stressing, so I hope to be better soon.


  1. Aw sweetie, I hope you feel better. If you need anything let me know. Afterall, I don't live very far away.

  2. Love the project - looks FAB.

    A lung infection?! Good heavens. Drink some chicken soup and keep meditating - sounds like you need some inner calm with your new life stressors.

    Sorry about the evil tree. Maybe you can rename him "firewood."