Saturday, December 10, 2005

one more week...

Friday is the last day of school for both Chris & myself!!! We plan to lay around on the couch, watch movies, drink wine (me) & beer (him) & order the cats to make food for us!
I have been knitting a little bit here & there. I have one & half fingerless gloves done as one of Chris' birthday gifts (photos to come, I promise). I am making these gloves with all five digits fingerless, he doesn't smoke cigars, or anything else, thank god!! He just spends long hours typing on the computer for school & his hands turn blue in the freezing cold!
His birthday was last week, & I presented him with the one glove, so that now I can work on the second one more openly. It royally sucks trying to secretly knit something for someone that you live with, who doesn't work, or go to school everyday now that he is home everyday studying for finals!! At the creak of a floorboard I found myself frantically cramming my project, double pointed needles akimbo into the couch, under my sweater, or under a cat! I mean how in the hell would I explain knitting a giant man hand sized pair of fingerless gloves? So One & half gloves later.... I am free to knit in freedom. I am knitting one other belated birthday gift still. He knows that I am working on something... but doesn't know what... so I suppose the suppressed knitting will continue... rats!
I leave you with this glorious sight....


  1. Good luck to both of you this week!! If I lived close I'd bring dinner one night. Well wishes will just have to do!!

  2. Wow- I don't know what's more amazing, the shirt-sweater-dress or the socks with oversized 'balls' dangling from them... good lord!
    yeah! school's out for winter! hee hee.. good luck on those finals and what not.

  3. i'll have to try hiding surprise gifts under the cats the next time i'm knitting that special gift for david (LOL).

  4. I love chunky Yarn! I was looking for something similar to this recently. . .however, I would never consider knitting an ENTIRE sweater dress out of the stuff. . .good luck with classes and all that!!

  5. Eeek! Um, thanks for the scary picture. ;)

    Hope the finals went well!